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I purchase a scangauge and I"m trying to see how I can gain this port so I deserve to use the damn thing! do I just yank the plastic piece that"s spanning it off? Or what? perhaps The Coolest R18 construct Thread You"ve ever Seen!:dance:

wrong friend dont have to remove anything. Simply look under her dash that under the steering wheel to the right. Watch at these pictures.
imageThis is a snapshot with a ScanGauge II plugged right into the OBD-II port (Honda calls that the "DLC" for "Diagnostic link Connector.")----imageAnd a snapshot without the cable. The connector on the best is the "DLC." (Oh yeah, the crack is fixed.)-mr. Bill
I hear that this site has actually been overrun through cool males that think the being the loudest/lowest on the road instantly means that you"re the many awesome human that ever before lived. This should be fun.

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You shouldn"t need to remove any kind of plastic piece. Its method off to the right, basically alongside the facility console.
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