Just walk mine today, and also figured I must take a watercraft load the pictures and also hopefully assist someone out. I have zero knowledge about most auto related repairs...however, i do have actually a willingness to learn...and the wife always gets type of weary and also tells me come be mindful haha...but i refuse to be ripped off. Haha. So..here is a quick list of devices that ns used beginning from removing the tire all the means down:Your KJ"s device For removing LugnutsA JackJackstands!1/2in SocketStandard Needle-nose Pliers (or needle-nose evil grips)Mini Needle-nose PliersWire BrushFlat Head driver (situational)Parking Brake Multi-tool (optional)Hammer (situational)Let"s get started!Loosen the lugs. Jack she up
Pull this side of the spring. Below I supplied the Multi-tool...but the pliers work just fine too...(I only provided it since I spent $8 on it..so may as well)
Set that on the ground turn off to the side...this will begin your physical diagram. Looking in ~ the spring now you can see why the best side won"t come off.

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These clips are a real pain. In this photo I forgot to show how I obtained it off...but it"s coming up on the various other side! as soon as you pull off the clip, and also the pin thru the back..the adjuster will most likely fall, and also your shoe will be completely detached together well
Ok, here is exactly how I gained the clips off! I ordered it choose this...pushed in, and also then squeezed as soon as it cleared.
Now it"s time come clean the whole area with a cable brush...and anything else you want to carry out with it. Currently that you"ve excellent that...let"s placed the brand-new stuff on!Put the shoe in the spot...put the pen thru the back, and line up the clip.
Now the pins the I obtained in the new pack have actually a hammerhead shape...so when you acquire them through, girlfriend then have to turn them. Ns did this through placing mine pliers over the feet they come through, thrust in the clip, as soon as it cleared ns grabbed and twisted and also thats that! here is what it need to look like!
This component is a small tricky, and also requires a little of strength. With both of her shoes attached in ~ the top by the spring...simply traction the 2nd shoe ago and put it in place. Prefer this
Now due to the fact that you"re locked in increase top, the shoes is going to want to kick out on the bottom...to stop this...pop in the new adjuster on the bottom...just to save it indigenous doing that...no need to collection it now. Now you can put the pin v the back..and litter on the other clip!
The dealership quoted me $200 in Labor, plus $90 because that parts. Instead I went to Autozone, obtained the shoes because that $60, and the hardware because that $30 and also did the myself. And like I said before...I don"t recognize much...but I simply used common sense ~ above this one. Lol. Clear the various other side is specifically the same! throw the rotor, caliper, and also tire earlier on and you"re every set. If you guys have any type of questions just shoot me a message. Thanks.
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Nice thread WickedBruce. I made the a difficult if friend don"t mind. When I did my behind brakes critical year my e-brake pads dropped apart similar to yours once I eliminated them. Ns didn"t think to take pics.Dave


No problem gentlemen! I"ve gained 90k on mine jeep ideal now...I gained it in ~ 86k..so I"m gradually replacing everything. I seafoamed her last night and also nothing came out, which to be awesome. And also as you can see I just did the rotors and pads. I"ve got a lot of rust top top the undercarriage....I guess: v whoever had actually it prior to me never washed it. So ns think I might paint...or rhino line it.

Thanks because that the thread! renders the task seem so simple now...I"d to be told by a local garage that I"d should pull the axles to obtain the e-brakes replaced. Uh - guess not, eh? arty52:Bob
Well it is what ns kept analysis as well. Almost everywhere i looked claimed i had to traction the axles. But when i went and adjusted my rotors and also brake pads...i looked and also them ns knew the was a bunch that bullshi.... I could literally see and get to everything i needed...why would taking the axle off adjust anything ya know?When i gained the quote from the dealer they told me that when they execute it...it takes around 2 hours and also they don"t pull axles.
Just did mine today, and also figured I must take a boat load that pictures and hopefully aid someone out. I have zero knowledge around most automobile related repairs...however, i do have actually a willingness come learn...and the wife always gets kind of weary and tells me to be cautious haha...but ns refuse to be ripped off. Haha. So..here is a quick list of tools that i used beginning from remove the tire all the way down:
Well, mine started out come be choose you show, however, mine driver side earlier plate dropped off once I took off the calipers. SO, i am in the middle of pulling the axles and re-attaching the ago plates. I have actually 108K top top mine. Initial rotors, 2nd set that pads, original parking brake shoes. The shoes were all busted increase on the best side, but the left side just off the steel shoe holder. Therefore I"m taking the moment to clean castle up, use high temp paint and also put them ago together. I check out that the dealer price for this procedure is roughly $700. I"m act it because that $200. I assumed of doing the "tap" method, but didn"t have actually the ideal size, therefore I"m law the rivets...using Silicon RTV in a couple of places to curb the rusting and also I"ll see how it goes.Thanks for the pictures.
I just did mine on my 2006 liberty Renegade however had to change the assembly on both sides. For some reason the 2006-2007 assembly is $250 vs $140 for various other years. I had actually to disconnect the axle therefore I had the ability to slide the column the lug bolts room on. Ns did not have to be as mindful as you due to the fact that after unhooking the cable and the abs ns just had to rip the outer parts off and also remove the four nuts hold the assembly. I then cleaned whatever up and went ahead and also replaced the seals because I had actually it apart. Installing it was easy, the assemblies come altogether in one item with springs, adjusters, pads everything all together, climate with every little thing clean just affix with the four nuts and reattach the cable and also the abs. Then slide the axle shafts back in and reconnect them. Ns was amazed that part of one side was so rusted it would certainly tilt back and forth. It is all from the salt castle use here in northern Illinois ~ above the roads due to the fact that it certain isn"t native use. You would think a parking brake would never ever wear out.
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If you need to adjust the backing plate or it had rusted out favor mine, you will need to remove the axle shaft attach to lug bolts. I had to readjust both finish assemblies, ns hope her is not a 2006 or 2007 model due to the fact that the assembly because that each next is $250 - mine dealer quoted $375 each. After you slide the axle off, you can just rip turn off old parts as the brand-new assembly come with every little thing installed. Girlfriend remove 4 nuts and also disconnect the abs and also cable. Clean everything up, then reinstall the 4 nuts the abs and the cable, on slide the axle shaft ago in and reconnect. Over there is a forum I saw that defines how come this somewhere. Climate go earlier to putting the rotors, pads and calipers back on. I adjusted the calipers and the rotors and also pads likewise because it was removing one side due to the fact that it had a poor caliper the I uncovered how bad the backing key was. So currently I have new parking brake assemblies new rotors, pads and also calipers on the both political parties of the rear.

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Ughhh,,so over there are separate pads for the park brakes? Mine don"t work-related at all. Guess the is a story for one more day...,But thanks!!
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Cpt Marvel said:
Ughhh,,so there are different pads for the park brakes? Mine don"t occupational at all. Guess the is a story for an additional day...,But thanks!!
Is there any type of tension as soon as you pull up the parking brake lever? you may just need a cable adjustment. You should additionally inspect your parking brake shoes... Make sure they move freely and the springs space not broken, or rusted and also seized. These yes, really are similar to primary rear north brakes that old. Fairly basic and simple to rebuild if require be.
This is a good post, yet you should include comments/pictures relating come the appropriate adjustment the the parking brake shoes, because that is a critical part of instead of them. Castle wont occupational correctly, or at all till that is excellent (unless you get really lucky when installing the ***** adjuster)!