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someone told me the the katana 600 06 has a govornor that have the right to be taken out. Has actually anyone else heard this or know it to be true. Ns was told that v the gonornor out you could top out at 171 mph. Whereby would that be.

I simply wanted a little an ext acceleration to keep up v some buddys.I"ve never ever been end 120 mph and I"ve had actually the bike for 6 months.

In that situation a rev limit removal won"t help. What you deserve to do is go v a larger earlier sprocket or 1 tooth smaller sized on the former one. That will offer you lower gearing i m sorry will provide you much more acceleration however will lower your peak speed which together you speak you haven"t gained to anyways. That"s one route. The other is one aftermarket exaust, preferably among quality because IMO cheap pipes just make bikes loud, a jet kit if it has actually carbs or one aftermarket controler if injected along with a dyno song up.
Why would certainly you want to journey (guide) a motorcycle 171 mph, girlfriend must have a death wish. Unless you are racing ~ above a monitor with other experienced racers 171 is crazy.

thanks for the help. I"ll look into the jet kit I understand the bicycle is carbed. Her both appropriate 171 is insane,but a tiny accel is alright.
thanks for the help. I"ll look right into the jet kit I know the bicycle is carbed. Your both best 171 is insane,but a tiny accel is alright.
Stick to transforming out the behind sprocket; an altering the former one the end causes more stress on her chain (it has to wrap about a tighter circumference).

Removing the rev limiter won"t make you advice faster. It will certainly only permit it come rev higher. Motorcycles don"t have rotary engines so permitting it come rev higher won"t necessarily increase power.The rev limiter was put in ar to keep the engine indigenous reving higher than the valve train and also pistons have the right to support. Removing it without upgrading the valve springs and also keepers in ~ minimum is a recipe because that an expensive repair bill. Speak fast enough to reap the advantage of remove the rev limiter top top a public road way is a cooking recipes for having actually a friend/loved one meet you in the morgue.My advice, leave it together is unless you room planning on part track time. Even then unless you space a jug rider, having actually that extra tiny bit up at the optimal of the tach, you"ll never obtain there anyway.

+1 ~ above what ReconLdr said.And over there is NO method a Katana 600 could hit 150, much much less 171. The bike is heavy as heck and also makes less than 80 HP.
+1 top top what ReconLdr said.And there is NO means a Katana 600 could hit 150, much less 171. That bike is heavy as heck and also makes less than 80 HP.
Hey"s like...85...ish...That being said, 130 is pretty much max top top the Kat, and also not because it"s out of revs.You will certainly NOT save up with (in a right line) any even remotely modern-day 600 supersport top top a 600 Katana (even the 750 is iffy there). If you"re a much better rider you can capture him in the curves, however raw power and also maximum speed room not what a Katana was constructed for.It"s a 500+- lb sporty touring bike for cryin" the end loud. Ask her supersport buddies how they feeling after a 2 hour drive
Kats are comfy!
Swapping out the ago sprocket is your ideal bet, imo. It"ll it is in cheaper than exhaust/tuning, and also will give you much more "go-fast" feel. The just plus I check out to walk the exhaust course is that you"ll gain a brand-new sound, which could be good, could be bad.
Like stated above, your best bet is to change gearing. The rev limiter is there for a reason. Besides, ~ above a 2006 device I doubt that is a "device". The is most likely a setting in the engine regulate module. This is not normally a setting that is changeable by the user.
I think it would certainly take more than 80-85 hp to reach 171 m.p.h. You can probably number it out from this:"s a video
made through a guy who adjusted the gearing on his Harley-Davidson XR1200 (90 hp, 570 lb) for this reason it would go 140 m.p.h., but he burned out his clutch. The Katana would likely be in that ballpark.Without a lot an ext horsepower, the only method you"re going come go faster is come ride choose this:
Removing the rev limiter won"t do you advice faster. It will certainly only permit it come rev higher. Motorcycles don"t have actually rotary engines so permitting it to rev higher won"t necessarily increase power..
And blow up - sticking every eight input valves into the piston... Besides a stock Katana, rev limiter or not, won"t carry out 171. Take away too much power to get over the aerodynamic drag.
02" katana 600 ns drove 20 minute at 155mph. The was ideal at redline, wouldn"t desire to take it it any greater and the wouldn"t allow me.. I recognize my bike had actually an after market muffler yet that was about it. I have no idea where they are getting all these low height speeds I store seeing ~ above the web (128-134mph). That rate was cruising easily at tool rpms and also felt like no strain at every on the bike
+1 on what ReconLdr said.And over there is NO method a Katana 600 might hit 150, much less 171. That bike is heavy as heck and makes much less than 80 HP.

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Not true one bit. 02" Suzuki katana 600 ran in ~ 155mph because that over 20 minute on the highway, 155mph to be the absolute max it would go, however stayed appropriate at 155 because that the entire 20 minute drive
Also, to every post about don"t ever go the fast..You obviously have actually never gone everywhere close to that speed if friend think that is fast, a motorcycle, which i assume everyone the replied right here has, is much different than a car. Certain your car may feel choose it"s around to fall apart in ~ 150mph, however a bike ns couldn"t phone call a difference from 100 to 150mph. Wind keeps ya up, stearing is stiff and you couldn"t turn that wheel to upper and lower reversal ya also if ya tried. Your just cutting the wind. Feels great, and tbh, without a speedometer you might think your only going 90
Did you also look in ~ the date stamp on those articles that you space responding to?Nobody cares how rapid an useless motorcycle went as soon as upon a time.
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