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I did a search and I can not find any info on replacing the fuel pump. What I desire to understand do I have to drop the tank to replace the fuel pump. If friend google it.. Diy says remove the ago seat (I assume the third row bench seat) and pull up the padding over there is a access this true that"s to great to be true ns think!! deserve to anybody verify please!! thx a million for any type of inputs
There is no accessibility door, i m really sorry (2004 come present). Girlfriend didn"t cite a year, older ones could have one?
The attachment below is for a 2005, however its most likely the exact same for all second generation Siennas. It looks favor the fuel pump replacement calls for dropping the gas tank.View attachments FuelSystem.pdf
I just cut an access slot with the floor of mine 2002 Sienna, best over the f.p. Now I need information on how to remove the connectors w/o damaging them. I offered a 4 1/2 in. Grinder from Harbor freight.

Its a dead you need to do this. Mine trusty 30 year old Volvo has an access panel to gain to the fuel pump without dropping the tank. Update the forum when you room done through this. Cheers!
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Not sure around the Gen2 pump, however my Gen3 ("18 XLE) had a recall to change a possibly faulty pump. They asked the I carry the van in together low as practical, as they had actually to drop the tank..

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