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If im looking at my owner manuel appropriately it says 6.5 qts a change with filter. Just wanting come make sure . TIA WarDawg
oil readjust tundraYes, 6.5 yet have discovered the dipstick shows that that is overfilled for this reason I have actually gone through 6.2 and then I examine it when a week. The oil is so clean ~ above the dipstick all the time so I try to save it listed below the 2nd mark, sometimes if I rotate it over and read it from the otherside it"s a little easier.
Yes, 6.5 but have uncovered the dipstick mirrors that it is overfilled so I have actually gone through 6.2 and then I inspect it as soon as a week. The oil is for this reason clean top top the dipstick all the moment so I try to store it below the second mark, sometimes if I revolve it over and also read the from the otherside it"s a tiny easier.
give thanks to you. Thats the problem I had. My manuel stated 6.5 quarts. Ns did that. However the dern oil was so clear and it showed up to be over the dip stick mark. I guess ns OK. Thanks Oiler.
6.5 quarts
Yeah it"s not the finest oil dipstick, if you room a small over you need to be ok, I have been making use of a pureone oil filter, so depending on the size of the oil filter that"s why they have actually the 6.5. What oil execute you use ??? i have always used Valvolne 5W30, I prefer the light color of the oil, I have actually tried Molbi 1 Syn in mine GM Van and it didn"t aid that wonderful clatter the all the GM V6"S have and I uncovered that the Valvolne Max-Life helped alittle. I adjust my oil every 2.800 miles, one more reason ns havn"t used Molbi 1. Thank you. It is the difficulty I had. My manuel claimed 6.5 quarts. I did that. However the dern oil was so clear and also it showed up to more than the dip pole mark. I guess im OK. Many thanks Oiler.
I have been thinking about this dipstick overfill indication since I gained my Tacoma. Hands-on sez about .5 Quart an ext when you change the filter. But filter is positioned upside down, and certainly the oil drains out. Therefore sump would show overfilled as soon as you placed in the higher amount through filter change. Or....does the paper in the filter retain a half quart? Seems prefer alot
It mirrors overfilled due to the fact that it is. The 1GR-FE takes around 5.5 quarts with a new filter and about 5.2 qts without. A dried fill v absolutely no oil in the engine is about 6.0 quarts.I think it"s funny that the 4 cylinder takes more oil than the 6. The 2TR bring away 6.1 quarts with a filter, and 5.4 quarts without. Dry to fill is around over 6.5 quarts.

It shows overfilled because it is. The 1GR-FE takes around 5.5 quarts v a brand-new filter and around 5.2 qts without. A dried fill with absolutely no oil in the engine is about 6.0 quarts.I think it"s funny the the 4 cylinder takes much more oil 보다 the 6. The 2TR take away 6.1 quarts v a filter, and 5.4 quarts without. Dry fill is roughly over 6.5 quarts.
The engine is the 2UZ-FE ( 4.7 liter ). The ownwers manuel states for an oil change with Filter 6.5 quarts... But it reads end the fill note .Oiler

Tundra"s will have their own forum soon, so over there won"t be any confusion about Tundra"s/Tacoma"s in the future. Around the upside under filter. It will retain the oil in there also when upside down. Additionally when you men are checking her fluid, are you to run the engine prior to you examine it? The proper means is to operation the engine, then rotate it off, check the oil level around 15 secs after girlfriend shut that off.
yeah ran it because that a couple of minuets and also shut the off and let it sit for 5 or therefore minuets. Tundra forum... Sweet.

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If friend wait 5 minutes, it"s more than likely going to present overfilled. If you examine it around 15 seconds after shutting the engine turn off you"ll gain a good accurate reading. Forum is a community committed to every Toyota models. Come comment on the Camry, Tacoma, Highlander, 4Runner, Rav4 and also more!
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