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So the 2007 cr-v has 125,000 and I owned it because 67,000, the ATF to be never adjusted to the finest of mine knowledge. Right now it shifts fine and the fluid is an extremely light brown. For sure to change it?

I would.Do a 2X drainpipe & fill.+++++++++++You won"t experience an problem until someday, the screens incorporated into the transition solenoids will certainly clog enough to border the flow. Then, girlfriend will have actually shifting issues.
Atwell "Buff" Haines
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I agree through Carbuff2 and then is a few weeks do an additional one and also around a month longer, perform a 4th one. The will provide you about 90% brand-new fluid total. The brand-new atf should progressively start clean up few of the shop in the tranny and also doing that third and 4th one down the line will assist clean out that stuff.Use Honda DW-1 or also Valvoline MaxLife Dex\Merc atf or one more high quality "compatible" man-made atf.I am currently using the Valvoline atf in mine "03 Ody. You cannot walk wrong with the Honda DW-1, which is the encourage atf for her Honda now.Buffalo4
What renders me nervous is that as soon as I execute it, transmission will start having problems because of every the gunk getting loose which was organized by old fluid. Either way its going to go poor but which method would take longer transforming fluid out or not messing v it?
What renders me nervous is that when I carry out it, transmission will certainly start having problems due to the fact that of every the gunk getting loosened which was hosted by old fluid. Either means its going to go bad but which way would take it longer changing fluid out or not messing v it?
I would use the Honda ATF together hondas can be picky v their fluids. Also, the manual says it takes 2.5L the fluid, however it takes much more like 3.5L the fluid. Sent from my iPad making use of Tapatalk

It would be dumb not to adjust it.It would additionally behoove girlfriend to usage Honda ATF.You deserve to use one aftermarket liquid at your very own risk.Honda AFT has actually really carry out well, already, in that transmission.It is used to that Formula--Honda yes, really doesn"t cost any kind of more.But it"s her car....
Thank friend for every the responses. Yes i will use Honda"s ATF, but still nervous act it and also causing difficulties I can"t afford.

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It will be fine--things will certainly go as smooth together a Babies Bottom.Hand tighten the bolt back into the hole before using a wrench.
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