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Hey everyone.I decision to readjust the transmission liquid in mine 07 CR-V AWD because that the first time after ~ doing some research. Every little thing went fine it"s just I drained about 3.5L of liquid when the organization manual says that I have to only gain 2.5L.I filled that up and ensure the the liquid is in between the two marks top top the dip stick. (see picture). It is in between the 2 marks as soon as the engine is warm or cold.I check my friend"s CRV 07 AWD and his simply touches the dipstick(doesn"t struggle the bottom mark on the dipstick) when the engine is cold.Do you males think my level is correct? Did ns overfill it? are there any issues v it being overfilled?Thanks!Sh0wn

As lengthy as girlfriend measured what come out and replaced it through the exact same amount, girlfriend can"t walk wrong. Sounds good. Usage DW-1?What walk the old liquid look like? Mileage it was used for?
I didn"t measure up it exactly. I simply filled it till I struggle the mark on the dipstick. 135,000 KM. The fluid was a little darker 보다 the new one. Ns think it"s the DW-1. Ns guess the concern is: should it be in between the 2 dots when the engine is cold / warm? my friend"s does no hit the bottom as soon as it"s cold.
The owner"s manual suggests checking the level once the CRV is top top level ground v engine shut turn off after one minute. The level need to be between the marks. Sounds prefer your good.
I can"t number out whereby to short article a question. Possibly someone can aid me out. My question is: i am walk to try and change atf liquid on my 2007 crv. I"ve to be doing some research. Have to I drive the vehicle to warm up the fluid prior to draining?

I can"t figure out whereby to short article a question. Maybe someone can assist me out. My inquiry is: i am walk to shot and replace atf liquid on mine 2007 crv. I"ve to be doing some research. Need to I drive the auto to heat up the fluid prior to draining?
I also have a 2007 CRV and I am about to adjust mine because that the very first time. Has actually anyone pulled the transmission cooler heat to flush out the converter while transforming the fluid? ns am curious to recognize which is the outlet and inlet lines. Thanks for the help.
I let our 08 2wd operation till thefan kicks on. Drainpipe it and fill with 3 qrts. Operation it it spins the pan kicks on. Add fifty percent of a qrt. Drain and also fill bring away 3.5 qrts top top ours.

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I additionally have a 2007 CRV and also I am about to change mine because that the an initial time. Has anyone pulled the infection cooler heat to flush the end the converter while transforming the fluid? ns am curious to recognize which is the outlet and also inlet lines. Thanks for the help.
You must look in ~ the sticky note at the top of this forum. You"ll see that Honda particularly recommends NOT using any form of flushing system. And Google about for people"s experience with power flushes. You"ll find lots of bad reports. I have actually one to share together well... I soaked up my Silverado come my regional shop for part maintenance. Ns ask them to just drop the pan, clean it out, placed the pan earlier and refill the fluid. They tried to sell me top top a flush, yet I said no and also that it would certainly cause an ext problems than it solves. Of course, they gave me the typical lines that "we do it every the time", etc.. The tranny to be fine prior to I take it it in. When I pick it up, it seems the tech didn"t check out my instructions and also hooked it as much as the strength flush. While castle didn"t fee me for that, the transmission currently shifts very rough. The stupid flusher propelled all species of grime right into various valves, etc. I"m around to try some Lucas product that could help. If the gets much worse, I"ll require some transmission work.