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Hey Folks, just purchased a supplied 2008 Wrangler Sahara and also love it almost as lot as mine wife! ns smell a slim oil burn and can"t find any type of leaks anywhere. Having actually read something about the oil sending unit leaking onto the exhaust manifold and can"t uncover the bland thing. Go anyone have or can direct me come a diagram to replace it or other that reflects the engine through all the sensors depicted? ns really evaluate your reading and also hooking up an additional Jeep enthusiast.

The oil push switch is ~ above the passenger side, just over the oil filter. Examine other areas also. Oil leaks have the right to be indigenous a variety of places. The switch shouldn"t it is in leaking top top the exhaust manifold. Http://
The just thing that has wires going come it is the temp sending out unit or fan switch in the suction next of the reduced radiator hose. I simply looked at it and on the chauffeurs side I simply seen a little wet oil top top the block behind the starter. Valve covers, heads and intake gasket locations are also dry. What can be leaking oil behind the starter? I have actually ordered a manual but it will be numerous days before it"s in mine hands. Thanks

Thanks because that the pic and help. The pic didn"t display up till later. I uncovered out the rear of the input is leaking a little oil. Changed the oil press switch and good to go. Thanks again!
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