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2006 Chevrolet Impala Radio problem - door speakers occasionally work
I have actually a 2006 Chevrolet Impala LT, and also sometimes the door speaker work, and also sometimes they perform not. Ns don"t understand if that is the speaker cables or in-dash unit that has a problem. What is the best way to troubleshoot and fix this?

It"* just the door speakers. Periodically one works, periodically both, however mostly neither work. Usually they just come on if on a smooth highway, but I have actually noticed them come on going end railroad tracks once, however not consistent.
So it"* simply the former door speakers then? The behind deck and also tweeters still work?If I"m reading this correctly, I"d to speak it"* a loose connection at the back of the headunit.
just since its alot much more often the speakers go ns would shot putting various speakers in it from the earlier if they room the same, i dont know what friend have.

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Yep the tweeters in the dash and also rear speakers constantly work. I think you room right, most most likely wiring / loosened connection. It seems like if the amp or speakers had a problem it would either occupational or not work, yet not come on sometimes and go turn off sometimes.2006 Impala, every little thing is stock. 6.5-ish in front doors, 6x9 rear, and also tweets in dash
Those speaker have much more of a propensity to "blow" than to build a loose connection/short circuit at them. The reason I argued checking the back of the HU is due to the fact that my 2007 Avalanche had the same problem. The connector ~ above the earlier of the HU came loose somehow.

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