P0507 is a fairly typical OBDII trouble code. It is typically triggered when the engine idle speed is 200 rpm or more over the predetermined limit set by the manufacturer. It is a generic code, which method that it has actually the very same for the Chevy Malibu as any kind of other vehicle.

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P0507 Symptoms

Unlike countless OBDII problem codes, P0507 will commonly be remarkable to you once driving. Here are the common symptoms for the Malibu:

Service Engine quickly Light– The reason why you room here. Faster Idle Speed– Assuming that the code has actually been thrown because of a legit issue, you should notification the engine running faster when not pushing the gas. Thud Going right into Drive– Transmissions yes, really don’t prefer to change from park to drive at one RPM greater than idle. The is typical to feel the whole auto jerk as soon as put into equipment with P0507. Vehicle Takes turn off Faster– through the engine idling higher, civilization report feeling the auto take off when releasing the brake pedal. This have the right to make driving more dangerous.

Chevy Malibu P0507 Causes and Diagnosis

There are a most potential causes to P0507. If the code particularly mentions the “Idle Air manage System”, it would certainly be a mistake to simply go ahead and replace it there is no a tiny due diligence. The Idle Air control Valve is frequently not the cause of the code.

Here are several of the most common reasons of P0507 in the Chevy Malibu, and also waist to troubleshoot them. Store in mind that there are distinctions in model years. It would certainly be a an excellent idea to start by looking for a vacuum leak and also move front from there.

Vacuum Leak

A leaking vacuum system will often cause the Malibu come idle higher. Once the vacuum system leaks, it enables extra waiting to get in into the combustion chamber. This air allows for a slightly higher combustion, increases the RPM and also throws the code.

How to uncover a Vaccum Leak in a vehicle (Popular Mechanics, Article) exactly how to discover a Vacuum Leak in about a Minute (2CarPros, YouTube)

A vacuum leak have the right to come from bad vacuum hose, the intake manifold, EGR System, or about anywhere else the air flows through. It’s not difficult to discover a vacuum leak though. Usage the resources above and you’ll discover it in no time.

Idle Air regulate Valve

Most modern-day fuel injected engines room equipped through an idle air regulate valve. Not every one of them space though. If you have determined that you don’t have actually a vacuum leak, the IAC is a good second ar to troubleshoot P0507.

A common Idle Air control Valve

How to Diagnose one IAC Valve (Autozone Guides)

Throttle Body

A accelerator body opens and closes countless times in the life that a vehicle. All of the air that passes with it have the right to slowly cause it to collection grime. This grime can readjust the idle characteristics of the vehicle. Once dirty, you’ll frequently feel the vehicle practically stall prior to the computer system compensates and opens it a small more.

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A typical Throttle body

Alternatively, if the throttle body has been damaged, it might not be appropriately regulating waiting flow, and the code may be thrown.

Signs her Throttle human body Is walk Bad, and What to do (Repair Pal) just how to phone call if your Throttle body is Dirty or poor (YouTube Auto Repair, Youtube)


P0507 is a serious issue. Because of the unsafe nature the driving through an engine the is revving greater than it’s an alleged to, us recommend having actually your Malibu serviced as quickly as possible. Good luck!