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Hey all,My horn doesn"t seem to always work. If ns repeatedly push on the button about 50 times it periodically starts working (but obviously, i don"t have that lot time in an emergency). Anyone have actually this problem? i don"t check out a puffy fuse or anything.Thanks!C.

Check the plug ~ above the horn. Its more than likely corroded quite badly. It should be right beside the hood latch. Provide the contact a good sanding.
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I cleaned the connections on the actual horn, but they aren"t rusty (the auto was rust proofed plenty of times). As soon as I open up the hood and press the horn, ns hear a "click" native the horn relay ~ above the left hand side. I don"t have a preventive one come swap in to try. Am i safe come assume that that"s whereby the error lies?
Unbolt the horn. That grounds itself at the point. Shot sanding that area down and putting a small dielectric there prior to rebolting the horn.
I"ve now got a KA24DE and a GA16DE. Where"s the TURBO?!Check the end my CarDomain:
I unbolted the horn and also re-bolted it. Tho nothing. You don"t think it"s the relay fuse the clicks every time I press the switch on the steering wheel?

Did you clean it up while it was off? If the relay is clicking, the horn should be acquiring power. One of two people the contacts on the relay or the horn are worn out, or a wire is broken.
If you deserve to locate the clicking relay, check that as soon as you press the horn, there is no strength coming native the ACC pole. There"s going to be a strength +12vdc, ground, acc (goes to horn), and also an intake (from the steering wheel) to cause the relay. If you pushing the horn and the relay clicks then you understand it"s gaining power, and also the intake is good. Girlfriend may have actually a poor ground or a damaged wire between the relay and the horn. Use a test light to make certain power is going from the relay come the horn. If there"s not, check the ground and also if it"s okay, change the relay. If over there is, check or replace the wiring come the horn.

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I"ve now obtained a KA24DE and a GA16DE. Where"s the TURBO?!Check out my CarDomain:
Replaced the relay and I acquired sound again!
$20 relay yet well worth every the hassle ns went through simply for such a an easy thing.
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