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Ok guys and also gals. Mine very an initial car had a infection dipstick that ns would examine from time to time. The 2012 Chevy Malibu LT 2.4L Ecotech does not have a infection diptick but just a fill cap. What walk this mean? how do ns go around checking the transmission fluid? unless the DIC will certainly report via sensor? Or what?? did Chevrolet didn"t desire a gear-head come mess v their brand that car?

Search this forum, but in short, there are 2 screw-in plugs ~ above the side of the transmission. The reduced one is because that draining, the top one is for filling and checking the level.I am amongst many that agree the the 4-cylinder transmission style is much less than stellar! I have the V6 and also thankfully lock blessed it v a dipstick (weighted cable) top top a filler cap. (I never knew it as soon as buying the car, yet I"m happy it"s that means for sure!)Instructions:1. Acquire trans come "normal" operating temp.2. Park automobile on level soil OR lift the high sufficient to gain underneath it, keeping it level.3. Collection parking brake (safety item).4. Start engine, leave infection in Park.5. Eliminate upper plug.If liquid comes out, reinstall plug.If no fluid comes out, fill with appropriate fluid until it starts to operation down the side of the transmission. This would certainly be a great time come just drain it all out and fill it back up. Once reading other threads about this you should realize that the level of liquid seems to be an extremely critical. In mine V6 variation I have found that I have the right to be up to 3 quarts low and it still features properly. I just don"t understand if it hurts anything. "Why to be it 3 quarts low," friend ask? The engine was changed under strength Train Warranty and they supposedly didn"t fill the infectious diseases world fashion properly. I found it around a year later when ns did mine own fluid drain/fill.

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