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Hi there,New come this forum and brand-new with DIY repair v my 2009 caravan.Make a long story short, i am trying come clean my MAP sensor as my valve turned on then stalled number of times recently. Regrettably I could not locate it top top the van, also I tried to google online. More than likely it the one top top the right peak of the engine with wire connected, however not 100% sure. One more question is just how to obtain it off, based on the picture I uncovered online, probably just pull out as it has no thread in ~ all. Ns tried to traction it out, however failed, probably need an ext strength. I just don\"t desire to rest any part and do a mess. Thanks and please provide me some clue.2009vanguy:grin

2009 Dodge cool Caravan SXT (3.8) 230,000+ miles2001 Dodge grand Caravan sport (3.3) 250,000+ miles2003 Dodge cool Caravan eL (3.8) 200,000+ miles
Thanks georgef,yes, the engine is 3.3L, many thanks a lot, ns will try to obtain it turn off tonight.Thanks again!2009vanguy
Hi guys,Just let girlfriend know, I had actually cleaned mine MAP sensor adhering to the advice indigenous Georgef v a MAF sensor cleaner. So far the engine reacts fairly well.Enjoy the day and also your drive!2009vanguy
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