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I have actually a 2011 Taurus SEL and I am having trouble locating the fuse crate that is an alleged to be within the car. I"ve currently located the power circulation box under the hood, however there is a 2nd fuse crate inside the vehicle somewhere. In the Owner"s hands-on it states "under the instrument panel to the left the the steering wheel." However, I gained down under the tool panel and looked left and also right and saw no fusebox??? The dealership is telling me that the fusebox is situated "behind the "kicker panel" top top the passenger"s side". ?Does anyone have a 2011 Taurus SEL that could know where I can find the passenger compartment fusebox?Thanks for any type of help..tks

Manual is correct, driver"s footwell, watch left, climate look up. Should have actually a plastic cover on it v a fuse diagram. Sent out from complimentary App
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Manual is correct, driver"s footwell, watch left, then look up. Should have a plastic sheathe on it v a fuse diagram. Sent from complimentary App
You"re right..... I found it and the operative native is "up"! You need to be a contortionist simply to get in a place to see it, allow alone shot and take the covering off and pull out a dinky small fuse whilst you space contorted upside down and sideways. C"mon Ford, you can have done much better than that! :angry:
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