have the right to you help me in the temperature sensor of mine car? the is the LT model. Can you phone call me where it is located?

ns attached the procedure and also a snapshot for the location of the coolant sensor for the 2.5 engine.

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https://www.tasiilaq.net/articles/coolant-temperature-sensor-cts-replacementhttps://www.tasiilaq.net/articles/how-a-coolant-temperature-sensor-workshttps://www.tasiilaq.net/articles/coolant-flush-and-refill-all-carsLet me understand if girlfriend have any other questions.Roy


i attached a wiring diagram because that you come view.Check because that 5 volts to the sensor come be certain it is maybe to connect with the ECM.https://www.tasiilaq.net/articles/how-to-check-wiringRoy

I have tried instead of the coolant temperature sensor, but that walk not execute anything. I replaced the thermostat. Currently the following thing i m reading about to replace is the coolant temperature switch, yet I cannot find a place for that. Also I m reading conflicting articles that the the two deserve to be one in the same, but the auto parts store sold me a sending out unit temperature switch the s for my vehicle but the had different wire terminals than the one I currently attempted come replace.
Hello, Yes, the sensor/switch is one in the same. Just curious to recognize the complaint. Is there no hot air flow from the vents or is there air flow yet just not hot enough? I've attached a picture below that coolant temp sensor place (#11)circled in red. Expect to hear ago from you and thanks for making use of tasiilaq.net.Danny-
The vehicle has waiting flow, yet it is not getting hot. Previously today I put in a new sensor, disconnected the battery to reset the computer. As soon as I turn on my car, the temp gauge worked and also it had actually started to blow warmer air, never ever really gained hot. After ~ driving for around 10 minute the temperature gauge quit working, and also the air coming out began cooling down. When I gained to where I to be going, i reset the computer again. Once restarted it functioned again, was able to turn off car and turn ago on twice through it working/with air acquiring warmer, however when ns actually started driving again the temp gauge stopped about 7 minutes in.
Hello again, go the car engine temperature gauge prevent working after 10 minutes or the climate control temperature gauge?Danny-
deserve to I questioning if the coolant level is low? space you in super cold weather? Let's do a have the right to scan to view what comes up you can obtain a scanner for around $50.00 top top Amazon. Https://youtu.be/InIlnsjOVFAPlease operation down this guide and report back.
The coolant level is no low, however yes i am in cold weather. I had actually a scan done at auto zone. It came back with two codes. One speak engine temp low and also one saying engine temp high. Because replacing the sensor ~ above Monday i no longer have a inspect engine light on. And also as of yesterday/ what I driven today my heat/temp gauge have been working. The just thing now, is mine rpm is remaining at 1 when in sitting in park, therefore tomorrow i am going to placed in a new air filter.
Hello again, simply curious to understand if you have the 2 password numbers available? If girlfriend do, you re welcome supply password numbers and also we can supply you v diagnostic instructions for those codes.
I do not have them, and also I don t think scanning it will certainly tell me anything now that my check engine irradiate is no much longer on. My heat/temperature gauge keeps functioning on and also off now. Every time is stops working, we disconnect and also reconnect the battery and it starts working again. So currently we re do the efforts to number out why is keeps randomly stopping favor that.
it sounds favor the HVAC controller is out due to the fact that it works after girlfriend reset the which is one indication the failure. Right here is just how you change it the instruction space in the diagrams below. Inspect out the diagrams (below). Please let us know what happens.
that is no something I have heard of yet, so ns will absolutely look into. If driving my car tonight, my inspect engine irradiate came back on shortly after it quit functioning again. I will go come AutoZone tomorrow and get the codes as to why. Thank you so lot for a suggestion as to what else it can be. That s get too cold whereby I am not to have heat in the car.
Hello again, I've attached below step-by-step pictures for a diagnostic test for the code. Since you have replaced the actual sensor friend might shot testing the electric circuit. Expect this helps and also thanks again for utilizing tasiilaq.net.
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