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I simply took my automobile to the dealership since the check engine light came on critical night. According to Onstar- over there is a problem with the cooling system. I had actually noticed on very hot days that the fan continued to be on after ~ the vehicle was turned off. There are not any type of problems steering the car and it is not overheating. What can be the cause?

More info is needed before we might make any kind of kind of educated guess. If the examine engine light come on, a fault code would certainly exist. It would be advantageous to understand what that code is. This repair might be extended by her power-train warranty. I indicate you read your warranty very carefully so that you understand the coverage you have. Dealers regularly claim an object is not spanned by warranty once in reality it is. Good Luck

your fan continuing to be on ~ you rotate the engine off is normal...sometimes they perform is her coolant level, water pump...hopefully a password will show your dealer what is acting up.Bill

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