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I"m acquiring a lil oil top top the wait filter at 100,000 mile plus. Figured I"d replace the pcv valve to be sure. But where is it? Didn"t also fathom ar would it is in the biggest component of replacing. Lol
It"s always an excellent to point out which engine yours has in a topic favor this."IF" it"s prefer some other Ford V6 vehicles, you"ll need to pull the top intake to check out it behind. Once pulling the input off, you"ll concurrently be pulling the PCV hose attached to it in the back, turn off the PCV valve.See 5:44 and also 6:48 time as linked in the complying with video:"s much much more of a PITA than it must be !
Please write-up your auto year/model/engine/( n )WD in help topics."98 traveler XLT 4L SOHC 4WD"14 explorer XLT 3.5L NA AWD
Holy wow! No wonder i couldn"t check out it. Yup I have 3.5-liter V-6, and that appears like the setup I would have. I emailed a neighborhood shop on a quote to change a pcv valve (just to watch what they would certainly say) and was told $130. Ns was thrown back, yet I guess labor prices for them to slowly do that....add increase ...haThanks for this reason much. The was a the majority of help.
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