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Hello,I soaked up my 2013 Honda CRV EX-L AWD for B1 maintenance and also a differential fluid readjust today (I gain that every 2 year by choice).They called me ns didn"t have to have a coolant readjust until about 7 years/100k mile (is this a great idea come wait that long?).I had actually my brake fluid readjusted last year (3 year interval, i live in a hilly place and wanted this done).But they recommend I get my transmission fluid changed today (car is almost 4 year old with 28k miles). I decreased as it was an extra $230 i didn"t budget and they agreed I can get it at following oil adjust in 5 months and shouldn"t have issues.Is a transmission fluid adjust at 4 years/around 30,000 mile recommended? need to I setup to carry out it at the next oil adjust in 5-6 months?Was it negative to happen up today?

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You will certainly be okay, yet it"s a regular changes are a great practice. You will be good I have actually the same vehicle, however get it done next time uneven it is brown, climate you require to acquire is done sooner.

I have 28K on my "13 appropriate now and also nothing has come up on the MM in regards to a transmission fluid change. I will be acquiring it done before next summer due to the fact that I"m due to transfer. I"ve checked the fluid and it"s still red, for this reason I"m in good shape.
He quoted $230 simply to change the tranny oil. It was $150 for B1 service and $120 for the behind differential change. I told him I"d perform the tranny oil next oil change in January (when I"ll have around 31-32k miles). I go to a Honda Dealer for business so it sounds favor they could be overcharging?
Thanks everyone. I"m glad I claimed I"d carry out it next time. Ns am wondering why castle quoted together a high price. It"s advantageous to recognize it"ll need done in the next couple of months. Native what i read, Honda"s need to be totally drained and also filled. Will typical auto shops handle it right?

Thanks everyone. I"m happy I said I"d perform it next time. I am wonder why lock quoted such a high price. It"s helpful to understand it"ll need done in the next few months. Indigenous what i read, Honda"s need to be fully drained and filled. Will common auto shops manage it right?
An live independence Honda repair Specialist would perform it right. It"s not a challenging operation at all, yet the use of suitable automatic transmission liquid is a MUST. (Often, the corner garage will use a generic fluid that they have actually in stock. The doesn"t last, long-term). I won"t discuss price (unless they were advocating a complete "flush" which is 3 - 4 drain and fills, definitely not needed). Be mindful that (sadly) techs space often urged to drum up extra business. (I can"t wait to view what my very own dealer recommends as soon as I have actually my passenger airbag changed soon, LOL) A single drain and fill every 30K mile (or 2 years) is enough to preserve the performance of the additive in the Honda DW-1 ATF.
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Yep, they will certainly most likely do a solitary drain and fill which will certainly take simply over 3 qts of Honda DW-1 which cost about $30 in fluid and about 15 min in labor. $230 is a complete ripoff. To buy 4 qts that Honda DW-1 and find who to adjust it for you.I would wait for the MM to readjust the automatically tranny oil uneven it is really brown or smells burnt.One drain and fill is all that is recommended by the MM and it will replace aprox 40% of the fluid.Don"t recognize where you heard the ALL needs to be replace. The Differential oil adjust only uses just over 1 qt the Honda DP-2 fluid and also that cost is about $10/qt and the labor is aprox 1/2 hr in ~ the most. $120 is a ripoff also, but, if you need to have them perform it, the is exactly how they make their money.

$120 for the rear differential change.I view your in California, but that charge above you noted, is insane. It just takes about 1 quart to company it, your labor fee is what I contact excessive. Several of the maintain is really unnecessary in mine opinion. It helps store the doors open up "BIG PROFIT".You would be surprised
the yearly income the these organization advisors, COMMISION from your pocket !!!! JMHO, good luck.David g.
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The regional stealer here tried as soon as to charge me $110 because that a differential change and i laughed. I asked the why it was so expensive once the labor involved is no more than changing your oil. Literally removed a drainpipe plug and draining fluid then placing it ago in. Remove the fill plug and also putting a small over a quart of fluid ago in. His solution was the it was food selection priced. I contact that dealer the stealer being the is the dealership I recorded red handed on video clip ripping me off.I feel negative for those that acquire raked end the coals. If you were my neighbor ns would simply do it for you as long as you carried the fluid and washers needed. Transmission is just as easy.
28k miles because that a tranny is too early. Unless you tow stuff an dput a many strain on the transmission there is no need to readjust so early. I remember changing mine closer come 100k kms.
Stopped by Honda today and also bought 2 washers, 4 liters DW-1 and also 2 liters duel pump II. Expense $60. I"m expecting that to take it an hour but will let friend know just how long the takes. It has actually 40k on it. I had actually the rear diff fluid changed once already. This will certainly be the very first tranny drain and fill. Wife was quoted $220 complete last week for the 2 services.
Replaced the rear brake pads to night and then i did the rear diff. POC. Take it 20 minutes. That was gaining dark so I could not execute the tranny. I think the tranny will be easier since I will not need to pump. I"ll report ago after the tranny liquid drain.

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Yes, the tranny is very easy. The hardest part is adding the new atf and also that isn"t hard.Now go take the mam out because that dinner with the money you saved. Buffalo4
Ok, walk the tranny drain and also fill this evening POC. It was my 1st time law a tranny drainpipe on a CRV so i went slow. It take it 25 minutes including getting the tools out and also cleaning up. Will certainly be much easier next time and if you carry out it as soon as you change oil it will certainly be also faster. I had actually some ingredient on the magnet and the fluid was dirtier then I assumed it would certainly be in ~ 40k. I"m walk to execute it in ~ every oil change for the following 20k mikes. Mine oil alters have all been at roughly 5k. A small less 보다 3 quarts come out. I added a little an ext than 3
Trans fluid...50,000 or 60,000 or so miles is fine. Its not engine oil...its doesn"t wear the end from combustion by-products. That is pretty simple to change, over $200 to perform that! go they placed a pistol to her head together they test to rob you or what?Rear Diff fluid....I obtain a laugh as soon as they desire over $100 to perform this, especially if the auto is in because that an oil change. (My neighborhood dealer wanted $ take it ten minutes for me to quit laughing at them).If the automobile is up in the wait its probably a ten minute job. I do it in ~ home and also if i work an extremely slowly I can drag it out and also be excellent in under 20 minutes from begin to end up on mine garage floor with a floor jack and also an oil bottle pump. 2 quarts of twin pump liquid is under $30.Find neighborhood shops that do this work. Simply make certain they use real Honda oil. You deserve to order the fluids yourself from plenty of dealers on line at discount price if your neighborhood shops don"t have the suitable Honda fluid. Transforming fluids is as straightforward a job as something one can do. Eliminate the drainpipe plug, let out the old stuff, put drain plug earlier in (with a brand-new washer is preferred) add the brand-new stuff to suitable level, her done.