Whether it"s warm or cold, you expect your Chevrolet Silverado"s AC or heater to take care of you. Yet what to do if it doesn"t?

This article uses to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2014-Present).

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It"s a hot summer day, friend reach end to the dash knob and you crank on your AC. After ~ a couple of minutes walk by, you an alert nothing is happening, or even worse — it"s just warmth air. If friend live in the north, the exact same thing could happen through your heater ~ above a cold and snowy day. What could be bring about this problem? The blower motor is supposed to run the fan, then blows air into the ducts, i m sorry is later cooled or cook by the system. There room a few common things that could cause this problem. We"ve compiled a perform of those, and also remember the if the problem persists, it"s way to visit your neighborhood dealer or fix shop.

Step 1 – inspect the resistor module

It might be melted.

There have actually been multiple reports of the blower engine resistor melting or overheating. This damages could reason the blower engine to stop working, or to actually stick on and never shut off. Girlfriend can inspect this through accessing the dashboard behind the fuse box, and looking because that the resistor module. Once you situate the resistor module, check the steel connector. If it demands to it is in replaced, you must cut the connector, splice it, and replace it through a new connector.

Figure 1. Location of the resistor.
Pro Tip

Always make sure that the ignition is off and also there is no electrical current energetic in the vehicle.

If that doesn"t fix the problem, move forward to action 2.

Step 2 – inspect the move selector

It can be faulty.

Whether you have actually a physical fan rate switch or the double climate function in your Silverado, there is a switch or switch the is specialized to start or speed adjust of the blower for the AC or heater. Occasionally this switch deserve to fail, and also leave you through no method to turn on or operate the blower speed. You can test this by making sure the wiring behind the dash is in good shape. Examine to check out if the buttons are clean and also aren"t damaged. If you have actually a model with dual climate, girlfriend will must replace a resistor behind the dash. If girlfriend don"t have twin climate, a an easy switch selector will need to be swapped out.

Figure 2. Temperature move selectors.

If the an outcome of the doesn"t take treatment of the problem, then move on to step 3.

Step 3 – examine the blower motor

It could be dead.

If you have inspected the resistor and also it is in great shape, climate root the the problem might be a dead blower motor. You need to work in the engine bay and disconnect the current motor to examine its" voltage and also make certain it is receiving power. If the power resource isn"t the issue, climate the engine may have just seized up. You can replace the blower motor yourself, or you have the right to visit your neighborhood dealer or repair shop.

Figure 3. Blower engine diagram.

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Pro Tip

There have been Technical company Bulletins authorize for comparable problems, it"s always a an excellent idea to use those together reference.