The fuel tank is located under the rear seat cushion, left side and also you have to be maybe to accessibility the fuel pump indigenous the top. I replace it in the 2015 fusion of my nephew last month, ns think the the ar was the same for the 2014 design year.

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I uncovered this video clip online, that shows just how to change the fuel pump in the 2013 Ford Explorer, Taurus, Flex, blend & Lincoln MKS, MKT, MKZ. The fuel tank is under the rear seat in every these vehicles, choose in my nephew"s 2015 Fusion. Https://

Is over there a relay switch situated in the left former area of the vehicle for the fuel pump? Or is whatever in the fuel tank?

The 2015 Ford fusion Titanium does no have accessibility to the fuel tank or pump from inside the car. Literally ordered a pump, removed my backseat, and also there is no accessibility panel under there. The top answer on right here says the male replaced his 2015 combination pump in the same way as a 2014, i beg your pardon is not feasible unless over there is a different in between the Titanium favor mine and also other models (SE etc). The gentleman with the height answer top top this thread must have his nephews year wrong, due to the fact that he certainly didn"t execute it indigenous under the chair on a 2015 without cutting a section of the steel out through a grinder or something.

Under the chair of mine 2015 Ford combination Titanium. Simply trying to placed the correct information out there. I"m detect it tough to find thorough information for stuff prefer this top top 2015 Fusions.

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I have a 2015 SE, and also same issue, no fuel pump accessibility etc underneath behind seats. Looks choose the only way to accessibility it is by dropping the fuel tank from underneath. Prefer Brendan said, there is hardly any kind of information the end there about 2015 blend models and also fuel filter replacement etc.

The 2014 Ford combination SE walk not have actually a fuel tank accessibility under the seats. I wish human being would avoid saying that it does. Should be 2013. I need to drop mine tank indigenous under the auto to accessibility my fuel filter in my 2014 SE

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