The dip pole is plastic and also I"ve wiped it down through a paper towel multiple times. There"s part oil on it, but I need to check it again once the oil cools to acquire a level top top it.

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I"m fear there"s not sufficient oil in the engine since I"ve been smelling a burn (rubber or oil?) indigenous the prior of my car after I"ve moved it.

QUESTION: How countless bottles the Oil should I buy and put in my engine till I deserve to ask a skilled to aid me check my engine?

Could the concern be an additional problem?

I"ve also heard a hissing sound and also will check the radiator after mine engine cools down for fluid.

Thanks in advanced for any type of insight.

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""1.8L I4 engine"s total capacity for an oil readjust with filter instead of is 3.9 U.S. Quarts (3.7 liters)"" this would certainly all depend on what you room doing, if you are just trying to top up then perhaps you will certainly not need every one of this, however if you space gonna execute a full business , oil filter and so on then that would be the recommended necessary amount. There deserve to be plenty of reasons come this, if that is current i recommend shot to take it ago to the dealership and also have it checked out if feasible before you start spending much more funds.

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