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3 Orangutans 1 Blender is a an alleged shock video clip in i beg your pardon orangutans get horrifically maimed. The name of the video clip uses the same phrasing together 2 girl 1 Cup. However, over there is dispute over even if it is the video even exists, as the only extant proof of the video"s presence is a collection of reaction videos with civilization "watching" the video clip while the noise from the video clip plays. Unbelievable have argued the videos were a beat on the famous 2 girls 1 Cup reaction videos native the late 2000s, as civilization would movie themselves city hall the video but the viewer can only hear the video"s music.


It is unclear wherein the video originated, yet the earliest extant proof of its visibility was post to YouTube on march 8th, 2008 by user Damonico, that posted a reaction video clip of himself supposedly watching 3 Orangutans 1 Blender (shown below).

According to rumor, the video clip contains graphically horrific imagery or males maiming orangutans. The video clip supposedly contains<1>:

A big group the men, possibly a group of terrorists, taking abused orangutans and also cutting them through knives and also machetes and dowsing them through bleach. Lock then litter the orangutans into a giant animal waste shredder. A big man with a chainsaw comes and also kills much more of the orangutans. The final three space fed to tigers. The is supposedly a clip of a 3-hour video clip with 97 men and 19 orangutans.

According to the Screamerfanbase Wiki, every one of the claimed reaction videos use the same audio file, "which appears to it is in a Garage tape loop through monkey sounds" (shown below).


Over the following several years, various other YouTubers post their an alleged reactions come the video, together as customers chimonster7 (shown below, left) and also theaterrate57 (shown below, right). Questions around the video and that is authenticity surfaced on Yahoo Answers<2> and Reddit.<3>

Comments ~ above the reaction videos are normally divided between people in search of the video, rather saying they"d checked out it and also describing component of it, and also others saying it"s a finish hoax.

Interest in the video clip spiked after the YouTube channel Unus Annus learned of the name while researching the 2 girls 1 Cup, despite the pair the Markiplier and also CrankGameplays did not investigate it further (shown below). The Wikipedia page for 2 girl 1 Cup states the surname for 3 Orangutans 1 Blender was influenced by 2 girl 1 Cup, and cites The complete Encyclopedia of internet Pornography by Heinz Duthel.

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