Nowadays, in plenty of areas, especially huge cities, local governments have started to strictly border the coverage of industrial three-phase power for environmental and safety reasons. National policies have also begun to tighten. The procedure for using for industrial power has end up being cumbersome, and an individual application is even more difficult. V the boost in labor costs and raw product costs, the price of wiring is likewise unacceptable to countless people. Industrial three-phase electrical energy cannot it is in used, the original mechanical devices can only be replaced, and the intangible price is more increased.

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three step power

2. Personal and service needs are improving

As us all know, large mechanical equipment is moved by motors, and domestic equipment is basically three-phase 380v strength consumption. In usual sense, these large-scale equipments are used by enterprises, and an individual use is rare. In terms of motor power, suppliers can apply for industrial power (relative to separation, personal, instance applications), and motor strength can variety from a couple of hundred watt to hundreds of kilowatts. If there is no commercial electricity, such together the machinery provided by individual family members or self-employed households, only electric motors that support single-phase 220V or household electrical power can it is in used. This type of engine has limited power and also the typical maximum strength is 3kw. And single-phase motors are basically offered by additional beginning capacitors and also operating capacitors, and the stability and also service life are not comparable to simple three-phase asynchronous motors. For tools with motor power requirements greater than 3kw, over there is no three-phase power and also only different solutions can be found.



single step motor and also three step mtor

3. Existing techniques for addressing problems

One is come buy a voltage booster. The difficulty is that the booster is too cumbersome, expensive, and also expensive come use. For the significantly competitive market, it is absolutely not cost-effective; the 2nd is to replace the use of the occasion, the trouble is too restricted by human being factors, exceptionally inconvenient, and the price of transit power is no low.




4. Need for various other special occasions

First, mobile mechanical tools (such together drag-type high-power mechanically equipment, dust collectors, winches, etc.) should be provided in miscellaneous occasions. If there is no three-phase electricity, it cannot be put into production quickly. Second, import and also export machine power tools The usage of electricity in the country and also the production nation does no match, there is no electricity intake condition, and only the technique can be provided to convert the voltage, which further increases the difficulty of use and also affects the willingness of client to transaction with.

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In an answer to the over market demand, our company has presented a single-phase 220V input to three-phase 380V output rise converter, which have the right to drive the three-phase asynchronous engine to run normally and can lug out stepless rate regulation. The input strength only demands single-phase 220V and also outputs three-phase 380V. The price is agree to most users. That is about 1/10 the the price of a single-phase 220V variable three-phase 380V booster on the market. It is compact and also powerful. The output frequency the 0–650Hz can be changed arbitrarily, fully solving the embarrassing situation that mechanical tools does not operate without three-phase electricity.