This deal with may be additionally written together 548 Arbor acres Avnue, Springdale, AR 72762. Latitude for the location: 36.1439976. Longitude: -94.2468175. The price to rental a 2 bedroom unit in the ZIP code 72762 is roughly $810. $780/mo is a fair industry rent value set by HUD because that a two-bed apartment in Washington County. The fastest net at this deal with is listed by Ozarksgo. Optical Carrier/Fiber come the finish User is the type of net connection. The download rate is limited at 1,000 mbit/s, while the upload speed is in ~ 1,000 mbit/s

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Any transactions that have actually been make digitally obtainable by the county this home is located in


Sales and also Prices in the neighborhood in recent Years

This chart mirrors the variety of sales, minimum, maximum and also average prices. The data is based upon a examine of information around the nearest 1,500 houses

James Duggar Dba Duggar Farms

James Duggar Dba Duggar ranches is the legal surname for the engine carrier registered with the department of Transportation. The form of operation was noted as Interstate. The carrier is not subject to a placardable hazmat threshold and also is not topic to a passenger carrier threshold. The carrier reported eleven power units. Fourteen motorists work for James Duggar Dba Duggar Farms

Contact Information

ZIP code 72762 Rent values in Feb 2021

Fair industry rent worths for properties in the 72762 follow to the HUD data

Year0 Bedrooms1 Bedroom2 Bedrooms3 Bedrooms4 Bedrooms

Washington county Rent values in Feb 2021

Below space fair sector rent values established by the HUD for Washington County

Year 0 Bedrooms 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms
2021 $579$618$780$1,116$1,350
2020 $584$630$807$1,149$1,417
2019 $547$586$758$1,081$1,331
2018 $524$558$723$1,039$1,273
2017 $546$578$748$1,079$1,318
2016 $518$548$709$1,030$1,238
2015 $490$559$719$1,059$1,249
2014 $466$533$685$1,009$1,190
2013 $446$510$655$965$1,138
2012 $482$508$635$925$951
2011 $482$508$635$925$951
2010 $497$524$655$954$981
2009 $494$521$651$948$975
2008 $478$504$630$917$943
2007 $437$461$576$839$862
2006 $420$443$554$807$829

Internet service Providers (ISP)

A list of suppliers that might offer Internet access in this area, follow to the FCC reports.The data is hyperlocal, because the area is identified by FIPS 51430105013066

Provider NameTechnologyDownstream SpeedUpstream Speed
OzarksgoOptical Carrier/Fiber come the finish User

1,000 mbps*

1,000 mbps
Viasat IncViasat, Inc


100 mbps

3 mbps
HughesnetHns license Sub, LLC


25 mbps

3 mbps
At&T SouthwestSouthwestern Bell call Company, together P


6 mbps

0.512 mbps
SkycastersVsat Systems, LLC


2 mbps

1.300 mbps
At&T SouthwestSouthwestern Bell phone call Company, l P

Asymetrical xDSL

1.500 mbps

0.128 mbps
*mbps — megabits every second. 1mbit = 125 kilobytes

Neighbors\" period Distribution

The graph reflects the circulation of period groups in the neighborhood based upon data for the 500 family members located surrounding

Latitude 36.1439976
Longitude -94.2468175
DMS Latitude 36° 8′ 38.3914″ N
DMS Longitude94° 14′ 48.543″ W
UTM Easting387829.2285876
UTM Northing4000640.0085592
UTM Zone15S
Address FIPS Code51430105013066
State FIPS Code51
County FIPS Code51430
Census street Code51430105013
Census Block team Code514301050130

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633 Arbor acre Avenue Daniel G Justice and Pamela S Myers room residents. Jason Hawkins is a previous resident that the building. 83038369000 is the parcel number. A solitary family home is situated on a lot of 1 acre. That was built in 1968. The home has actually three bedrooms and also one bathroom. The floor dimension is 925 sqft. Details on parking: turn off street, 3 spaces, 600 sqft garage. The building was purchased because that $45,000 on may 3, 2011
2460 Terra lane Jeff Thorpe is a resident. 83038371000 is the parcel\"s ID. A single family residence is situated on a lot of 5.06 acres. It was constructed in 1984. The floor dimension is 1,580 sqft. Top top October 7, 2011, the house was marketed for $55,000
747 Arbor acres Avenue Quang p Emery is a resident. 83038381000 is the parcel\"s ID. A single family residence is situated on a the majority of 0.84 acres. The home has actually Studio bedroom. The residential property was bought because that $1,251 ~ above July 18, 2013
424 Arbor acres Avenue The surname of Lan Hagerty and Ken Hagerty are detailed in the historic residence records
2429 Bello roadway Dustin A Dash, Harles Dash and two other residents. 83038379000 is the thoreau number. A single family home is situated on a lot of 1.5 acres. It was built in 1992. The house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. The floor dimension is 2,144 sqft. Parking features: detached garage, 1200 sqft garage. On September 14, 2011, the home was purchased because that $84,000
2514 Terra roadway Sid Gannon is a resident. 83038386000 is the parcel\"s ID. A cell phone / manufactured house is located on a many 4.36 acres. That was built in 1986. The floor size is 1,512 sqft
2521 Bello roadway Eugene Fuller and Dana Thompson space residents. Amy D Eiland is a previous resident that the building. 83038376000 is the thoreau number. A single family house is located on a most 1.75 acres. The was built in 1994. The floor size is 736 sqft. On march 5, 2008, the building was sold for $69,000
735 Arbor acre Avenue Joshua Nathan servant is a resident. The name of Dana Thompson and Amy D Eiland are detailed in the historical residence records
1916 Dowell road Joe D Elliott and also Richard Elliott room residents. Six people, consisting of Kristy Wood and also Kristi l Jackson, were connected to this place. 83038359000 is the parcel\"s ID. A solitary family residence is located on a lot of 3 acres. It was constructed in 1974. The house has Studio bedroom and also two bathrooms. The floor size is 1,762 sqft. Parking features: detached garage, 2 spaces. The residential property was valued at $170,000, when it was offered on September 22, 2004
829 Arbor acre Avenue Dusti R Murphy is a resident. 83038382000 is the parcel number. A solitary family house is situated on a many 2.6 acres. It was erected prior to 1941. The floor size is 1,196 sqft. Parking options: detached garage, 2 spaces, 400 sqft garage. ~ above April 5, 2004, the residence was sold for $114,000
334 Arbor acres Avenue Joaquin Arroyos, l J Carrell and also three other residents. 5 people, including Julie Arroyos and also Lan Hagerty, were linked to this place. 83038312000 is the parcel\"s ID. A single family home is located on a most 3.48 acres. That was created in 1977. The floor size is 3,118 sqft. Parking features: fastened garage, 2 spaces, 400 sqft garage. Arkansas security was registered at this resolve
753 Arbor acres Avenue The names of Billy Graham and Phyllis Graham are detailed in the historical residence records. Graham Kristofor W is a license holder linked to this resolve

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2087 south Barrington road Mabel Wagner, Mick Wagner and also one various other resident. Four people, including Natalie S Wagner and Josey Wagner, were associated to this place. 83038315000 is the parcel\"s ID. A solitary family residence is situated on a lot of 4.91 acres. The was constructed in 1998. The floor dimension is 7,637 sqft. Parking options: fastened garage, 5 spaces, 1000 sqft garage. Seven carriers were registered in ~ this address, consisting of Wagner nature #2 LLC, Wagner nature #1 LLC. Mick Wagner is linked with this attend to

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