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An electron of mass 9.1 x 10-31kg is travelling at a rate of 2.0 x 106ms-1. Calculation the connected wavelength that the electron

A. 3.63 x 10-10m

B. 3.63 x 10-8m

C. 3.63 x 10-7m

D. 6.89 x 10-4m

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The wave size of an electron is given by:

λ = h/p ------------ eqn(1)


p is the momentum, and

h is Planck constant

mass = 9.1x10-31

velocity = 2.0x106

h = 6.6x10-34

p = mass x velocity

p = 9.1x10-31x 2.0x106

= 1.82x10-24

from eqn(1),

λ = (6.6x10-34)/(1.82x10-24)

= 3.63 x 10-10

Answer: A

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