Intimacy is a vulnerable process. Share yourself can be intimidating, specifically when you struggle with person that is abnormal in the functionality and feel of your genitalia. As soon as the foreskin is wrapped also tightly around the penis, the may reason pain, confusion, discomfort, and also even clinical trauma.

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Dr. Bidair can alleviate the constriction that the prepuce (foreskin) to avoid complications. Certified through the American board of Urologists due to the fact that 1996, Dr. Bidair has actually performed countless circumcisions to encourage penile health and also aesthetic satisfaction. Conveniently situated in La Mesa, California Adult Circumcision proudly serves san Diego and also its surrounding communities. If you have questions about the persistence and also treatment that foreskin discomfort, please do not hesitate to contact California Adult Circumcision.

What Is Paraphimosis?

When the foreskin is too narrow because that the penis, it may be an overwhelming to retract end the corona of the glans (head that the penis). This problem is dubbed phimosis. It can exacerbate inflammation, recognized as balanoposthitis, i beg your pardon affects an estimated 4-11% the young boys who have not to be circumcised.<1>

A tight foreskin deserve to be even an ext of one urgent matter when that is retracted and also gets trapped behind the glans. In fact, once this occurs, that constitutes a urologic emergency.<2> This phenomenon is called paraphimosis. If left untreated, paraphimosis deserve to lead to necrosis (cell death) in the glans region.<3>

How Is Paraphimosis Treated?

To against the damaging force of penile constriction, emergency room physicians must act quickly. If the edema (swelling) cannot be decreased manually, then much more drastic procedures must be taken. ER staff may attempt come soak the area to lug down the swelling through osmosis. If this fails, then it might be crucial to puncture the skin and aspirate the swollen glans.<4>

A much better Solution to Paraphimosis: Circumcision

It is best to act the basic complications related to paraphimosis before they cause an emergency room visit. In fact, plenty of ER occurrences stemming native paraphimosis result in an ultimate circumcision to correct the condition.

The doctor on staff will make a slot in the dorsal section of the foreskin to relieve pressure. This enables the prepuce to slide back into place, giving it the mobility to retract and development over the sheet of the penile corona more easily. Your surgeon can complete the circumcision procedure by removing any type of excess skin, contouring the continuing to be prepuce, and also gently bland the incision closed.

Benefits of Circumcision

Paraphimosis is a serious threat come penile health. To avoid pain, infection, and possible cell death, circumcision is a an excellent option. Recipients can enjoy much more comfort and less complications once they no much longer need come worry about the trappings that a chop foreskin. Circumcised males have lower rates of STDs, consisting of a 50% reduced risk the HIV transmission with penile contact.

A circumcision by Dr. Bidair will address the concerns you might have around your foreskin. Because that a more natural feel, a much more contoured shape, and a more confident you, publication a consultation through Dr. Bidair.

In enhancement to the cosmetic and health benefits of circumcision, the surgery have the right to improve genital sensation for those who undergo it. If the foreskin is as well tight or also loose, it can impede sex-related gratification and also proper hygiene.

Ideal Candidates because that Adult Circumcision

If you battle with chop foreskin tissue that constricts the glans of her penis, climate you could be eligible because that circumcision as a remedy. Candidates for circumcision are healthy males who space dissatisfied v the look and/or feeling of your prepuce (foreskin). Men who live in the mountain Diego vicinity, or who arrangement on visiting La Mesa, should take into consideration scheduling a consultation at California Adult Circumcision.

Personal Consultation in mountain Diego

Discretion, dedication, and also discipline – these room the hallmarks the Dr. Bidair’s career. The has dedicated in the cosmetic and also healing services of circumcision for decades. While various other urologists may have actually the simple credentials to carry out a circumcision procedure, they might not take the care required to create the best aesthetic results.


Dr. Bidair prides himself on hear to her concerns and formulating a strategy accordingly. If your foreskin causes you ache or discomfort, Dr. Bidair deserve to help. The goes past the straightforward matter that conducting a perfunctory circumcision surgery and also gives mindful consideration to the cosmetic elements of the procedure. Dr. Bidair’s precision it is provided natural-looking results that adhere to the contours of her body.

Preparation for Circumcision

During your individualized consultation, the experienced staff at California Adult Circumcision will carry out you with in-depth instructions to guide your preparation process. Girlfriend should plan to quit smoking and stop taking details supplements to ensure optimal circulation.

On the work of the circumcision procedure, you should likewise arrange because that a love one to drive you come our La Mesa clinic. You can shower as typical on the morning of your surgery, but please avoid applying lotions or perfume to her sensitive skin areas.

The Circumcision Procedure

Once you arrive at the California Adult Circumcision office, our advantageous team will attend to your needs and also guide you to your mentioned room. Come maximize her comfort, girlfriend will receive the ideal anesthesia for your procedure.

The precise nature the a circumcision surgery counts on a patient’s distinctive anatomy. If the foreskin is loose, then the doctor have the right to trim it using the sleeve method. The will mark the prepuce, make an incision around the perimeter that it, and suture it ago together, choose hemming the sleeve of a garment.

Men who struggle with paraphimosis, however, most likely have actually a tighter foreskin the lends itself to the dorsal-slit technique. In this cases, Dr. Bidair will gently do an incision along the peak of the foreskin the runs roughly halfway down the size of said foreskin. This preputial skin is pulled back, permitting Dr. Bidair to secure it at the base of the corona.

Compared to various other urologists, Dr. Bidair commits about twice as lot time to a circumcision procedure.

California Adult Circumcision is committed to much more than just health and wellness maintenance; we likewise take aesthetics right into account. The duration of a circumcision procedure through Dr. Bidair is generally 60 to 90 minutes, in ~ which point you have the right to embark top top your roadway to recovery.

Recovery indigenous Circumcision

When her procedure is complete, the influenced area will be bandaged to keep it clean and protected native abrasion. Dr. Bidair will certainly most likely advise you come wear briefs for included support, together boxers may invite chafing and sudden repositioning.

Please avoid strenuous activity for at the very least one week adhering to surgery. Over there is no follow-up visit required because of the fact that Dr. Bidair supplies dissolvable stitches. However if you require anything in the following days, weeks, or month of her procedure, please do not hesitate to call our assistance staff virtual or contact (619) 486-5005.

After around two to four weeks, friend may be able to resume sex-related activity. Results vary, therefore please do not rush your recovery. Well-being is a lifelong endeavor!

Paraphimosis therapy Results

Patients who get circumcisions to deal with the persistence the paraphimosis experience a true transformation. The foreskin that once pinched the circumference of the glans is now gone, permitting the cock to role without ache or impediment. Sexual activity no much longer poses a danger of embarrassment or discomfort. The daily functions of the cock are much more manageable and also natural once the specter of paraphimosis no much longer looms over one’s prognosis.


What go circumcision expense in san Diego?

Each body is unique, so every procedure must be priced accordingly. If you are unhappy through the look or feel of her foreskin area, consider visiting the ideal cosmetic urology specialist in southern California.

Is paraphimosis dangerous?

When the foreskin gets stuck behind the corona of the penis, it boundaries circulation come the glans. This deserve to lead to spicy pain and also even necrosis (cell death) if left untreated. To avoid an emergency case brought about by paraphimosis, take into consideration a visit with Dr. Bidair in La Mesa, California.

What is the difference in between phimosis and paraphimosis?

Phimosis occurs when the foreskin is too narrow to retract behind the penile glans (head). Alternately, paraphimosis is as soon as the foreskin has been pulled pack and also gets stuck. For any questions or involves you may have around circumcision to attend to paraphimosis, please call (619) 486-5005.





Dr. Bidair is the finest Dr. I have ever had. The is patient, knowledge and very knowledgeable. The is respectful and also answers all of my questions. I would certainly recommend him come friends and family.
Dr. Bidair does impressive work. Naturally I was a bit nervy at first, but I had actually a significant confidence in him. The is whereby his experience really showed. And it made the procedure much easier.
I would certainly recommend him to anyone without hesitation. Friendly, thoughtful and also really to know his stuff! great staff too.
Tom L.
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Circumcision is usual in American society and some guys want the same aesthetic appearance together others.

A circumcised prick is simpler to store clean for some men, thus staying clear of diseases such as balanitis.

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Men with a circumcision have a lot lesser danger of penile cancer. Circumcision at infancy totally prevents penile cancer.