And the tiny Boy said, “Aunty, please aid me with my assignment. It’s on collective Nouns”

In level words, ns was disgraced. I couldn’t even remember 40% of cumulative nouns or a group of ‘this’ is dubbed ‘that’. After part google help, i remembered over there are human being like me everywhere hence, this blog post.

A cumulative noun is a word for a team of particular items, pets or people.

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For example collective nouns because that ships are: Fleet of ships and Armada of Ships. Girlfriend can examine out 100 instances of cumulative nouns

Read listed below a perform of cumulative nouns i compiled from mine search:

a group of pearls is called a fleet,a team of cows is referred to as a herd,a grouped of lions is dubbed a pride,a group of baseball players is referred to as a team,a team of ants is referred to as a colony,a team of caterpillars, frogs, soldiers is called an army,a group of circuits is referred to as bank,a group of flower is referred to as bouquet,a team of worshippers is called congregation,a group of wolves is referred to as pack,a group of trees is called orcharda team of publications is called librarya group of fishes is dubbed schoola group of ants, bats, beavers, lepers, penguins is called colonya team of grapes is referred to as buncha group of hyenas is referred to as clana group of kitten is referred to as Kindlea group of singers is called choira group of theif is called ganga group of bees is referred to as hivea group of clothes is referred to as a wardrobe

See much more below:

an armada that shipsa Batch of cookiesa battery the testsa bed of clams, snakesa belt the asteroidsa bevy that beautiesa brood of hensa bundle that nervesa bunch the grapesa caravan that camelsa chain that islandsa course of studentsa cloud the gnatsa clowder of catsa clutter that catsa clutch that chicks, eggsa agency of actors

a corps that giraffea coven the witchesa group of onlookersa culture of bacteriaa deck that cardsa den of Cub Scouts, snakes, thievesa department of soldiersa drove of cattlea fleet the airplanes, shipsa i cry of birds, sheepa flight of swallowsa flotilla that shipsa woodland of trees

a gaggle of geesea galaxy that starsa hold of sparrowsa node of toadsa leap of leopardsa litter of puppies, kittensa lodge that beaversa mob of kangaroosa murder of crowsa colony of mice, snakesa orchard the treesa fill of dogs, hounds, wolvesa dashboard of expertsa conference of owlsa pit of snakesa platoon of soldiersa pod of whalesa proud of lions, peacocksa quiver that arrowsa range of mountains

a institution of fisha shrewdness that apesa slate that candidatesa sloth of bearsa sounder the boars, pigsa formation of players, soldiersa was standing of flamingoes, treesa swarm the ants, bees, fliesa team the horses, oxen, playersa thicket that treesa people of monkeys, nativesa expedition of goatsa troop of apes, that Cub Scouts, kangaroosa troupe the actors, performersa unit the soldiersa wad the bills, moneya wide range of informationa yoke of oxen