I am obtaining stuck finding the tasiilaq.net word because that "The human being whose profession is to repair a car"s body", for example removing the rust and painting the car.

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panel beater


A human being whose task is come beat out the bodywork of motor vehicles.


Wikipedia suggests that the Canadian and US equivalent is one auto human body mechanic.


A Google search for this form of thing also turns up lots of other titles, including:

Paint and Body Technician

Auto human body Technician

Paint fix Technician

Automotive body Repairer

I"m not sure you"re going to get a solitary word/phrase the is universally embraced in the tasiilaq.net speak world. The would more than likely depend on local usage and what ax is supplied for regional qualifications.



In the US, follow to the Dictionary of work-related Titles, the term automobile-body repairer or automobile-body worker is used

body-line finisher; body repairer, bus; dent remover; door repairer, bus; metal bumper; steel shrinker; steel worker; touch-up finisher, steel Repairs damaged bodies and also body components of automotive vehicles, such together automobiles, buses, and light van according to fix manuals, using handtools and also power tools: Examines damaged vehicles and also estimates price of repair . Clears upholstery, accessories, electrical and also hydraulic window-and-seat-operating equipment, and also trim come gain access to auto body and also fenders. Location dolly block against surface of dented area and beats opposite surface to remove dents, utilizing hammer. Fills depressions v body filler, using putty knife. Clears damaged fenders, panels, and also grills, utilizing wrenches and cutting torch, and bolts or welds replacement components in position, making use of wrenches or welding equipment. Straightens bent car frames, using pneumatic framework straightening machine. Files, grinds, and sands repaired surfaces, utilizing power tools and handtools. Refinishes repaired surface, using repaint spray gun and sander. Aims headlights, aligns wheels, and bleeds hydraulic brake system. May paint surfaces after performing body repairs and also be designated Automobile-Body Repairer, combination (automotive ser.). Might repair or change defective mechanical parts .

This is somewhat various from one who concentrates on the mechanical facets of auto repair.

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In common usage, automobile is frequently shortened come auto, and often car, therefore you might see auto-body repairer or car-body repairer.