A cape is a high allude of land the extends right into a river, lake, or ocean. Part capes, such as the Cape of an excellent Hope in south Africa, are components of large landmasses. Others, such together Cape Hatteras in the U.S. State of north Carolina, are components of islands. 
Peninsulas are comparable to capes. Many geographers consider capes to be smaller than peninsulas. Capes room narrow features that jut right into a body of water. Peninsulas deserve to be large, and many are barely connected to the mainland in ~ all.

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Capes have the right to be formed through plenty of different processes, consisting of the motion of s currents, rivers, erosion, and glaciers.
The Mexican resort of Cabo mountain Lucas was created by the collision of s currents. Coastal currents walk in the opposite directions fulfill in the shallow waters off the shore of the peninsula the Baja California. The motion of this currents press sand up right into pointed shapes. 
Cape Giradeau (ZHEER-uh-doh) in the U.S. State of Missouri, was created as the Mississippi river deposited gravel and other sediments in shallow water. Back Cape Giradeau is a town, the actual geographical cape no longer exists. More than a century of extreme river administration and advance drowned many of the cape.
The Cape of great Hope, on south Africa"s Atlantic coast, was developed as powerful waves progressively eroded seaside rock. The Cape of great Hope is component of the Table mountain range. The Table mountains are mainly made that sandstone, a soft rock. The s eroded the Table mountain sandstone ~ above the coast, leaving just the hard, rocky cape.
Cape cod in the U.S. State of Massachusetts, was formed by glaciers. During the last ice age, a glacier carved its way through the phibìc American landscape. Earthen material dubbed moraine piled up in former of and on either side of the glacier. As the glacier melted and retreated, the piles that land arised as a fishhook-shaped cape.

Cape of good HopeThe Cape of good Hope in south Africa is frequently thought to be the southern reminder of Africa, however it"s not. The southern tip is actually Cape Agulhas, 150 kilometers (93 miles) south east of an excellent Hope.

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long period of cold climate wherein glaciers cover huge parts that the Earth. The last ice age peaked around 20,000 year ago. Also called glacial age.


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