With all due respect come Lizzo and her “Truth Hurts” flute trill, Tyler the Creator swinging a bleach-blonde bowl cut earlier and forth, Ariana Grande and her all-pink-everything "7 Rings" crew, it wasn"t the performances the did it. Lovely, all of it, but no. It was something else entirely: A gruff, slow—slightly… condescending?—voice muttering a jingle. Ba-duh-ba-ba-bahh.

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Yeah, that was Brian Cox in the McDonald"s commercial. Sadistic Succession king Logan Roy. Grumbling the McDonald’s jingle v what i imagine is a very little opening in the corner of his unamused mouth. There might not be one more voice in the civilization I expected less to have actually heard ~ above this night. However it was expected to be. Called over slo-mo sex shots that a 4 minutes 1 Pounder, that talks around the grand American creation, relenten every millimeter, appropriate down come the sesame seeds. The commercial changed with some variations transparent the course of this seemingly unlimited ceremony.

Before tonight, to be I much of a Mickey D"s kid? Nah. I haven’t had McDonald’s since my annual St. Patty’s day Shamrock Shake, however something adjusted in me tonight. Fries, yes, in the burger just like Brian claims you need to do in the commercial. Tomatoes, I dislike tomatoes however not anymore never again, sesame seeds, much more than i can even imagine, frozen meat... I’m over there now. From currently on, girlfriend can discover me in ~ the edge table, the wobbly red one close to the toy display, at the McDonald’s closest come you. Maybe I’ve always been there. Perhaps I always will be.

In the minutes due to the fact that I heard the Brian Cox ASMR a Mickey D’s commercial, I’ve found a brand-new lease top top life. Life can offer me the sometimes gift. Life can surprise me.

You could say I’m loving it.

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