Whether it’s from masculine stripper flick Magic Mike XXII or CSI: Miami, opportunities are you identify actor Adam Rodriguez — or at least his outstanding washboard abs. Together the latest celebrity to sign up with the sltasiilaq.net the guest stars ~ above Empire’s second season, Rodriguez dram Laz Delgado, a smooth concert promoter that unexpectedly captures the eye the Cookie (Taraji P. Henson). Ahead of his figure on Empire’s upcoming episode, tasiilaq.net captured up with Rodriguez come chat about his recurring role, romancing Cookie, and also pressed him for secrets about his time on set.

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ADAM RODRIGUEZ: i play a character played Laz Delgado who’s one ex-NYPD cop. He has left the force and gone into the entertainment world, and he does concert promotion, amongst other things. He’s basically a man who’s no afraid to obtain his hands dirty. You know, he’s definitely the type who will get scrappy if necessary. That’s what Cookie demands at this point. She’s do the efforts to build up Lyon dynasty to an obstacle Empire. The music company is a very dirty business. You require as much aid as you deserve to get and the best kind that it. Laz steps up ~ above the scene and also convinces Cookie he’s the human being she needs in she life, and also she to trust him. He ends up gift the right human in an ext than one way.

They called and offered me the job, which ns was excited about. I was in reality coming earlier from a camping expedition through Iceland v my friends, this incredible group of people. We’ve gone to the Amazon and Guyana for two weeks camping the end in the jungle. This time we went in the totally opposite direction. We saw Iceland and also camped out on a glacier. I was literally getting off the aircraft in ntasiilaq.net York once my manager called, letting me understand they wanted to offer me one arc top top the show. That asked if i was interested, and I was like “Hell yeah.” It gave me the opportunity to job-related with Taraji again, whom ns love. Us met top top the set of a Tyler Perry movie <I can Do poor All through Myself> and have preserved a friendship ever since. I’m sure the producers ran the idea of having me top top the present by her, and she offered me the thumbs-up. She’s a yes, really close friend and one of my favorite people to occupational with.

It remains to it is in seen. I think is a little bit of a mystery. I’m curious to vitasiilaq.net myself, how many I end up in!

I think if you have actually those moves why waste them? It’s very possible you could be seeing several of those moves. There’s a definite opportunity I’ll take off my shirt.



We haven’t seen a love attention of Cookie’s last more than a couple of episodes. How does one obtain Cookie’s fist – and keep it?

It’s hard being difficult 24/7. I think Cookie requirements to vitasiilaq.net that it’s okay to let she guard down around someone who can protect her the means she protects anyone else. So i think the key thing that I’d prefer to see Laz perform for Cookie is to be able to have Cookie have actually someone call her that they love her and not desire anything from she for it. It seems choose everyone is trying to collection Cookie up and is constantly taking advantage of her. She’s simply constantly fighting, however I recognize she has a large heart. I’d love to vitasiilaq.net her obtain to a location where she doesn’t have to fight anymore and also can it is in protected. I think if she can be that way with someone, than I think you might see a softer side of Cookie.

What’s the story around your time on collection that friend couldn’t wait come tell her friends or family?

You know, every day was such a an excellent time. Sometimes we had some amazing guest stars coming through. Ns don’t know if I deserve to talk about who lock were simply yet. But a an extremely famous talk display host was in a scene that I had actually a most fun doing. That was nice exciting.

Some that the show’s finest one-liners have actually been the result of improvising. Walk you take on that culture – and can us expect any kind of crazy one-liners indigenous you?

It was really a nice environment to be cost-free and improvise if friend felt it. It to be really about being lively in the scene. I think some funny things happened in a couple of scenes that took location in people’s bedrooms. Ns did speak one heat that ns loved, “I’m not afraid to obtain my hands dirty.” It’s awesome to it is in in the moment, be the character and see what the hell comes out of your mouth.

You’re walk to it is in on another hit show soon, v a guest duty on Jane the Virgin. What has actually that been like?

On Jane I beat professor Jonathan Chavez. He’s a creating professor in grad school. Woman has decided to really take her writing an ext seriously, and also she takes a course whereby I happen to it is in the professor. A kind of amazing dynamic end up happening as a result. I’ve filmed one episode and got the script for my 2nd episode. I’m love it. I love the function and everybody over there is fantastic. Jennie Snyder Urman is greatly talented and I adore Gina . I’ve had an incredible couple of months. Between Gina and Taraji, I’ve had actually the two finest leading women I might ever questioning for.

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