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Ans. The policeman moved up the street of his win (areaof duty) in a really impressive manner. It was his natural style. He to be keepinghis alert eyes at the people’s activities on the key road. His strong figure witha slim swagger (to to walk in a very showy and proud manner) made him a finepicture that a guardian of peace. He also kept twirling (spinning) his staff(stick) in a very artistic way while law his duty
Ans. The manassured the cop that he was no going come do any illegal activity there. He wasjust wait for a friend who had made a promise to meet him over there after twentyyears back.
Ans. Bob said that Jimmy Wells was hisbest friend and also the best person in the world. Both the them to be raised(brought up) in new York. Lock were prefer brothers and also he to be of eighteen andJimmy was 20 years at that time.
Ans. Bob pulled out a handsome watch having actually the lid setwith little diamonds. Climate the patrolman came to know the Bob had actually been doingwell
Ans. While talking, both of them came close to a medicine store. Theycould watch each other’s face clearly in the light. Suddenly, Bob’s eyesnoticed the the other man’s nose was totally different native the one that Jimmyhad. Bob reaction angrily and drew his arm back from the other man’s grip.
Ans. Bob supposed to say the Jimmy wasslow in ~ work. He had actually no huge ambition come go out of brand-new York trying to find bigfortune.
2.‘You’re no Jimmy Wells!’ he snapped.‘Twenty years is a lengthy time, yet not long sufficient to readjust a man’s nose from aRoman come a pug.’

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Bob claims this due to the fact that he had come toknow that the other human being was no Jimmy Wells, his old friend.
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1. 'Silky' Bob was a criminal wanted in Chicago. Yet, he pertained to the appointed place at the appointed hour to fulfill his friend after twenty years. What walk this tell you around him?

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