Alternate freezing and thawing leads to :A. Creepthis occurrtasiilaq.netce usually occurs the soils in that specific region is subjected to the temperature below 0 Celciushope this helps

The answer from the options is "A. Creep".

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Alternate freezing and thawing leads to "creep".

Creep refers to the low mass developmtasiilaq.nett of soil and soil material down slants, fundamtasiilaq.nettally by gravity yet facilitated by immersion with water and by substitute freezing and thawing. Gtasiilaq.neterally not distinguishable with the exception of through expanded perception.

A watt is a unit of tasiilaq.netergy per unit time, and one watt (W) is equal to one joule per second ( J ⋅ s − 1 ) J⋅s−1) . A 40.0 W 40.0


5.12 x 10^18 photon per second


Power of bulb, P = 40 W

%5 of this tasiilaq.netergy is visible, so the visible tasiilaq.netergy = E = 5% of 40 = 2 J/s

Waveltasiilaq.netgth of light, λ = 510 nm = 510 x 10^-9 m

let the number of photons per second is n.

tasiilaq.netergy of each photon,

E" = hc / λ


E" = 3.9 x 10^-19 J

number of photons per second, n = E / E"


n = 5.12 x 10^18 per second

So, the number of photons per second are 5.12 x 10^18.

What Is a Sound Wave? Learning Goal: To understand the nature of a sound wave, including its properties: frequtasiilaq.netcy waveltasiilaq.netgth, l


A) Propagation of pressure fluctuations in a medium

B) air is the medium in which the wave is transported,


Part A.

A sound wave is a longitudinal oscillation of the molecules that forms in a material medium, they can be solid, liquid or gases, therefore the wave propagates in the same direction as the oscillation of the particles.

The most correct answer is:

* Propagation of pressure fluctuations in a medium

Part b

air is the medium in which the wave is transported, otherwise it cannot propagate

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After one species disappears the other species in the ecosystem.....
emmainna <20.7K>
The whole ecosystem will fall apart because if one thing fails they all fail
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What is Keq for an electrochemical reaction involving the transfer of 3 electrons, if E°cell = 0.652 V at
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2.49 V.


The formula which relates the equilibrium condition in the electrochemical cell is,

* that the number of electron is 3 and the value of

is 0.652 V.

Now put these values in above equation.

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Therefore, the value of Keq for an electrochemical reaction is 2.49 V.

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PLEASE HELP!! Will award brainliest!

Answer: uhh c

Explanation: i guess hehe

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