I"m interested in buying slim jeans however I want a pair the is slimming on the thighs and also accentuates the hips. Ns wear a 0S in AE jeans with very small hips for reference. I was wondering which brand and style (super skinny, skinny) is an ext flattering in y"alls opinion. Other factors that you could consider is comfort, price, cut, and material.

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I discover the belt on hollister a bit huge and if you favor low increase then hollister would be better.

AE. They fit me perfectly anywhere (jeggings), are comfortable, and lasts a lengthy time. That and also I gain mine for much less than $20 a pair. Mine HCo jean ~ above the various other hand, has actually stretched over one size because I acquired them and also I didn"t also wear them the much. IMO, blue jeans that stretch over one dimension with just a couple of wears and also wash and that price $50 (at the moment I to buy them) room not precious it and are just garbage. Through the price of the one pair that jean, I can have bought 2 pairs from AE.

Neither, mine richard simmons is yes, really fit, round, toned and also lifted, and they don"t to the right in these jeans. And I understand I"m not a fat richard simmons. Ns feel like these jeans only work for world with flatter butts. I provided to it is in a version for Abercrombie and also could never ever wear their jeans. It to be a nightmare.

^ Neither because that me too.

If you want to go with a good pair of skinnies OP shot Levi"s. I just recently bought a pair because that the first time and I don"t think I deserve to go back to various other brands again. Not only is Levi"s at sight comfortable (I can fall asleep in them) however they additionally make level butts look not so flat.

AE jeans space nice to it is in honest. I very own a lot. Yet what I an alert is that the threads come out super easy. No matter what you do, if girlfriend don"t gain weight as well it will rip in awkward places. Happens to a the majority of my friend too. However for Hollister it"s a various story. It"s comfy too. AE jeans material isn"t the amazing. Stick v their shirts and also plaid tops.

H O l L i S T E R!! jeans all the way! Jeans and Pants room the only things i buy from Hollister... ~

Hollister Jeans space a nicer fit for skinny girls ns think? I"m not sure. Lol

Speaking that Hollister, OMFG, I hate their sizes on men"s shirts, t-shirts, and also sweaters. Size tiny fits mine fine because that the arm length, and height, but it is as well damn tight throughout my chest. Ns am not also fat. I am an extremely athletic and also take proud in my running ability. I wish castle made garments for people with wider shoulders. 

If I shot to wear medium, it is too loose and too long in the sleeves. 

I use to to buy AE jeans, however ever because I discovered Hollister blue jeans I"ve been in love through them since 


I"d go through Hollister! They have a better fit i think, and are pretty comfortable. However, i do have one pair of jeggings native AE i bought not too long back that are so comfy! yet overall, I discover that I like the quality, fit and also comfort of my Hollister jeans far better than my AE ones.

Neither. Lock both absence quality in mine opinion. You would certainly do better to spend a few more bucks for better jeans at Nordstroms.

But between those 2 I would certainly say AE is more comfortable come wear.

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