Angus, Thongs and also Perfect Snogging is the specifying childhood movie of ours time. Play at every sleepover from the period of 10 year old to about, well, now, it's got some absolutely top moments and also some of the humour tho holds up today. Quelle surprise, Jas!

That being said, have you ever rewatched it without looking in ~ it v your 10-year-old nostalgic gaze? It's fucking weird, guys. The girl in this movie are boy focused, vigorously slut shame-y and a the majority of the time just straight up mean. I don't know what it taught us, however I hope we've unlearned that by now.

First off, Georgia is a bit of a dick


Bazoomas, nunga nungas. Just speak to them boobs! Kinda bizarre the they were using such childish native to discuss body parts however were likewise expected come be obtaining up to top body fondling on the regular. Ns am confusion.

Angus, Thongs and also Perfect Snogging has actually not age well. It offered us part laughs in ~ the time and also yeah that was probably fitting for our teenage perceptions of the world, but honestly it most likely did an ext harm than good.

It would have actually been far an ext beneficial for us as young ladies to be taught the wearing thongs is fine, having large boobs is natural and being pushed right into a shrub by a persistent young is actually sexual assault.

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Also kissing for three minutes without acquisition a breath could kill you.

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