jump top top the ice until it breaks and you will get a complimentary membership! i"m triners0101 inanimal jam you re welcome send a friend request!

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It is difficult to rest the ice or the coral canyons bridge! AJ HQ stated thatthemselves, it has actually been tested countless times, and AJ would never give free membership. Theyalso stated that also if you can break it, there would be no prize.

it is impossible only if her a seal they have the right to use there fin to break it add me sealcutie9and they gain a prize a 1 month membership yet it is very hard

it not break nothing happens and if u think something does ur one ***!!!!!!!!!!!! notquit questioning if it does cause it doesn"t!!!! and if this is mean *** it up it doen"stwork!!!!!!

A I acquired a free member ship and also a non member gloves so it does work and also do no say the doesnot cause it DOES avoid saying bad words and be inappropriate instead

Tell me go you ever before do it reason I did for this reason stop and you are going to do the little guysad so prevent being mean

you unlock a room (a room through a seal on that ) and you obtain a glove! anyone does not belivejust closeup of the door up and also get off her computer!!!!!!!!

breaking the ice makes you autumn down into a secret world. If u want to rest the ice youhave to be a seal. 40-50 seals need to jump ~ above the ice

i never damaged the ice cream so.... Ns dont know if mine answer is true since i gained that cheat offanother site... Ns dont recognize if u ge a totally free membership either i have never broke the ice cream soi am i m really sorry if my cheat does no work! :p

if u use banana january 1 IT works U acquire MEMBERSHIP ns TRIED! and i got membership add MEIM CUPCAKESAREYUMMY well I lost MEMBERSHIP yet IM GONA TRY new ONE

i beleive that works and i shot evryday!so if you don"t beleive then don"t cause nobodyknows...i carry out not think it worksso....i think that is kind of a rubbish of time.srry

It in reality works. There space blogs,answers,and evidence (PICTURE of THE rare GLOVE and also A FREEMEMBERSHIP) You just need the right animal and also the ideal amount, IT"LL WORK!!! The onlyreason that won"t job-related is: there is at the very least 1 wrong pet on the ice or land and also needsmore that the right animal. AJ HQ only says that because they room trying to stop you. That"sthe stump everyone keeps tripping on. Save on believing! If girlfriend don"t think i am right,how would you know? It"s yes if girlfriend don"t think me. Just, shot at least,try your best

The coral canyons bridge can brake and so can the ice cream at mt. Shiveer. What wake up is athe Shamans (or however you order it. Ex- Liza the Panda) will come the end of your den andyou can go to their den. I"ve been! i asked animal jam HQ. There"s no prize yet you get tomeet the shamans. Mt. Shiveer- The Seal Shaman Coral Canyons- The wolf Shaman

I want SOME human body TO LOVE and IT DOSE occupational IT sheep IT dose IT DOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok because that one, i bet all u human being are lieing around braking the ice, and also second, u people whosay it will brake not kno what ur talking around cause u need exactly 30 human being to brakeit and i request the aid place on animal jam and they speak u need 30 human being so,ya several of umean people need to gain a life!!! expeshaly u,what ever ur name is that made the thingcalled: idiots... So stop being mean and get a life jerk!!!

hey jammers im Mimmzie123 top top AJ and also u desire to see my den and things... So if u think itwill brake ns think it will 2 nd good luck trying and also for every u crude selfish civilization whocuse, obtain A LIFE!!!!! ok it is me for ya!!! good luck braking da ice, ns be there!!!

hey jammers ns Mimmzie123 on AJ and u desire to see my den and also things... For this reason if u think itwill brake i think it will 2 nd an excellent luck trying and for every u rude selfish civilization whocuse, get A LIFE!!!!! ok thats me because that ya!!! an excellent luck braking da ice, ns be there!!!

People speak you can break the ice however i don"t understand if it is true or false?what doseeveryone think what happens?

I think that mught be feasible to rest thi ice however noway there would be totally free membership,besides don"t dampen their spirits by telling them the there"s no membership due to the fact that itspretty funny to clock them xd

If u say it won"t break how do u have actually proof u morons! and also stop swearing it just shows ugot worries + troubles oh and btw we aren"t u room person above me!

I"m make the efforts to rest the ice appropriate now. Ns don"t think it"s true due to the fact that of multiplerumours. Some say you get totally free membership, rather say gloves, and others say you autumn intosome room. I"m just jumping "cause i"m bored. ^-^

Unlike everyone else ns do know what happensI won"t tell you, you have to discover out yourselfBut heres a hintIn bespeak to break the iceYou require to have mt snap full, so nobody else can get in itAnd anyone in mt shiver needs to be jumping on the iceIts hardBut its possible!Friend me-twilightmoon30749



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