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I to be looking to change my tail lamp and turn signal indicator lamps with LED"s. Ns am seeing a 1156 style and 1157 style. Ns didn"t see anything indicating a difference on the bulbs or housings. Walk I miss out on something? What is the difference between the two?Thanks,Dan
1156 = single filament 1157 = dual filament If the bub is provided for example stop light and turn need a dual filament 1157. Inspect your old one to check out if there are 1 or 2 wire choose filaments inside the bulb to understand for sure.Have a an excellent day!Jim
Rear revolve signals and also the tail light room 1157, the front revolve signals room 1156. Besides the extra filament in the 1157 the base has an extra nub, for this reason it will not physically get in the 1156 socket.

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