No chickpea flour – kitniyot. Tapioca flour or potato starch, perhaps – but I’ve provided potato starch for blintz/crepe wrappers**, however for tortillas…not the appropriate consistency. I wanted them to it is in gluten free for the GFE’s (gluten totally free eaters) and also those world that eat non-Gebroks top top Passover (wheat complimentary except because that matzoh).

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Note the little P that indicates Kosher because that Passover? also the colour of the package is various than their year round version.

I knew the I had seen quinoa flour that was Kosher because that Passover do by Pereg. Ns have quinoa flour do by Pereg, but my bag is not Kosher for Passover certified – perfect come play v before Passover.

I walk online and searched because that quinoa cake recipes. There were actually rather a few. Most had actually a 1:1 ratio of quinoa flour come water. Among the finest was indigenous Mind over Munch (you can see her post by clicking the name/link). She has actually a lot of information around nutrition and the services of making your very own quinoa tortillas, and even has actually a video clip on the post!

When ns tried the 1:1 ratio making a single tortilla, it was an epic fail. And yes, i made sure to display the entirety testing procedure on an Instagram Live story so that everyone could have a good laugh in ~ my failures.


Finally! I had what appeared to be the ideal ratio/recipe. The key was having actually the batter it is in the appropriate consistency, the pan being the right temperature, and having a small (not a lot!) of oil on the pan.

Boom. Quinoa Tortillas!


Fifth time’s the charm!

I made a breakfast egg soft-shell taco – it was awesome! I have to admit, i was a tiny surprised by how great it was. I think i probably can have even let the tortilla chef a little longer, yet I think that’s up to the user’s discretion.


Today’s lunch lugged to friend by Pereg Quinoa Flour!

Dear Husband to be freaking out a bit at the myriad of possibilities a Kosher because that Passover tortilla lugged to the table. Actual tacos, deli wraps, leftover chicken or turkey wraps, tuna wraps, grilled/roasted veggie wraps. The possibilities are endless!


This looks and also tastes amazing!!!


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Do me a favor. When you do these, you re welcome send me images of exactly how you offered them in your favorite recipes. I’ll store posting pictures on my Instagram story so make sure to follow me
sharonmatten. It’s going to it is in SO fun!

One critical thing. Friend may uncover it challenging to obtain quinoa flour. Ns looked the up and you have the right to make your very own quinoa flour using a food processor or blender. It will certainly be a little coarser than the store bought one. If you have a spice or coffee grinder for Passover (I don’t), climate that would make a nicely fine quinoa flour. Ns think the a coarse mix would more than likely be just dandy. Much more authentically rustic.

If girlfriend do make your very own quinoa flour, shot this recipe first. If you find that the consistency doesn’t work-related with your flour you might need to play through it a little until the works. YOU are the executive chef in your kitchen, you deserve to make the decision come increase/decrease the water if necessary. Ns promise i won’t come and check. Really. Although, ns would like come hear what happened when you did!

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Quinoa tortillas (Kosher for Passover)

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