Understanding the speed enforcement tactics and also equipment used in Hawaii

have the right to save friend from acquiring an expensive speeding ticket!

Hawaii Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Laws

Both radar detectors and also laser jammers space legal to in every passenger vehicles in Hawaii.

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Points the Interest

Any person arriving in Hawaii is compelled to register all firearms and also ammunition in ~ 48 hours of arrival.Member that non-resident compact.

Phone/Texting Laws

Texting ban while driving.No half for vehicle drivers using handheld unless under 18.

Aircraft Enforcement

Hawaii does have actually a selection of aircraft they have the right to utilize for website traffic enforcement.


Police do speed enforcement utilizing both rear and forward encountering pacing.

Red irradiate and/or picture Radar Enforcement


Police Radar

State procurement documents over the past 5-years indicate that the complying with police radar weapons are used by both state and local police agencies.Applied concepts Stalker straightforward K-BandApplied concepts Stalker dual SL K-BandApplied principles Stalker dual SL Ka-BandApplied ideas Stalker twin DSR Ka-BandApplied ideas Stalker dual 2X Ka-BandApplied principles Stalker II SRD Ka-BandApplied ideas Stalker MDR Ka-BandApplied concepts Stalker Patrol K-bandKustom signal Eagle II Ka-BandKustom signal Falcon HR K-bandKustom signals Talon IIKustom signals Talon DirectionalKustom signal Raptor RP-1 K-bandKustom signals Raptor RP-1 Ka-bandMPH sectors Bee III K-bandMPH markets Bee III Ka-bandMPH markets Enforcer K-bandMPH industries Enforcer Ka-bandMPH markets Python series III X BandMPH industries Python series III K BandMPH markets Python series III Ka BandMPH sectors Ranger EZ Ka-BandMPH markets Speed Gun agree Dash MountMPH markets Speed Gun agree Handheld

Police Laser Enforcement

State procurement documents over the previous 5-years indicate that the adhering to police lidar firearms are supplied by both state and local police agencies.Applied concepts Stalker Lidar LRApplied principles Stalker Lidar XSApplied principles Stalker Lidar XLRDigital ally Dragon EyeKustom signals Laser video camer 4Kustom Signals agree Laser IIIKustom Signals pro Laser 4Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser model SLaser Atlanta SpeedLaser model RLTI 20/20LTI TruSpeedLTI TruSpeed SLTI TruSpeed LRLTI TruSpeed 100 LRLTI TruSpeed 200 LRLTI TruSpeed LR B


Police execute utilize VASCAR speed timing equipment.

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