Ohio is surrounding by 5 states and also is substantially landlocked however it has an impressive number of lakes because that boating, swimming, fishing, and also water recreation. Lake Erie alone has an ext than 2.25 million acres of water stretching along the north border the the Buckeye State and is the most significant lake.

Throughout the state there are more than 5,000 lakes, both natural and also man-made. Part lakes are located within Ohio State Parks, and also other inland lakes are main to the cottage life in the little surrounding communities.

While summer is element time in ~ Ohio lakes, the winter months carry out opportunities choose ice fishing, snowmobiling, and ice-skating if the ice is special enough.

From the expansive shores the Lake Erie and also water recreation ~ above Alum Creek come the calm waterfront in ~ Tappan Lake and also natural waters of Chippewa Lake, the aquatic see in Ohio is diverse, do the search for new favorite point out an interesting activity. Discover your options with our list of the ideal lakes in Ohio.

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Note: part businesses may be in the interim closed due to recent worldwide health and safety issues.

1. Lake Erie

Lighthouse ~ above Lake Erie in ~ Lorain, Ohio

The peak lake to visit in Ohio is hands-down Lake Erie. This endowment of the an excellent Lakes spans an ext than 200 miles across Ohio"s northern border. Lake Erie top the list due to the fact that there room hundreds the parks, beaches, and also towns v waterfront access. The is a an excellent lake for swimming and water sports and also a prized ar for fishing for Lake Erie perch and also walleye.

Besides the location points follow me Lake Erie, there room a number of islands that are fun come ferry to because that the day or to stay much longer at in a weird bed and breakfast. Some of the finest Lake Erie archipelago to visit room South bass Island, house of Put-In-Bay, a renowned summer holidays spot, and Kelleys Island.

Some the Lake Erie"s ideal features are the stunning sunsets and also the historic lighthouses the you can discover all along the coastline.

2. Salt Fork Lake

Salt Fork Lake in the fall

Salt Fork Lake is tucked in ~ Ohio"s largest state park and also is a favorite for boaters and those who desire a lakeside respite for the weekend. Salt Fork State Park is situated in eastern Ohio near Cambridge. The almost 3000-acre lake allows boats with limitless horsepower and has a dedicated ski area. Salt Fork Lake has actually eight boat ramps and also two marinas v amenities prefer gas, docks, and also supplies.

Salt Fork Lake is a popular spot for anglers. The Ohio room of natural Resources reports the the lake has actually ideal habitats because that muskies and fish in the 30 to 40 inch range.

The lake has actually one of the biggest inland beaches in the state, so the is a good location because that those who need some sand and sun. The bathhouse and also concession stand make it easy to stay out for a full day. The Salt Fork State Park has actually a lodge and lakeside cabins accessible to rent transparent the year.

Address: 14755 Cadiz Road, Lore City, Ohio

3. Portage Lakes


The distinct attraction that Portage Lakes is the it is in reality a mechanism of linked waterways matches a solitary lake. This offers visitors more places to play and explore in northern Ohio. Portage Lakes is in Summit county near Akron. That is a system made up of eight lakes with numerous boating, fishing, and also swimming opportunities.

The lakes are tops for some of the best base fishing in northeast Ohio as result of the differed topography and also natural drop-offs on the bottom. Portage Lakes room also great for ice cream fishing in the winter.

The best area for swimming is at Turkeyfoot Lake, where there is ample parking and a 900-foot publicly beach. Boaters can accessibility eight watercraft ramps, watercraft camping at Latham Bay, and also boater swimming areas at cottage Grove Lake and Rex Lake. Over there are likewise many long walking trails and also picnic areas approximately the lakes and within Portage Lakes State Park.

Address: 5031 Manchester Road, Akron, Ohio

4. Alum Creek

Alum Creek

The lake in ~ Alum Creek is one that the finest water recreation locations in the state. It is well-known with boaters, jet skiers, kayakers, and also those learning to sail. Alum Creek is situated in main Ohio in Delaware.

The lake has actually 3,387 acre of water, consisting of designated spots because that boaters to enjoy big areas for unlimited horsepower recreation and also skiing. There room four watercraft ramps, a nice full-service marina, and docks. At the brand-new Galena ramp there is even a life jacket loaner board if you require a life preserver for the day.

The other main attract to Alum Creek is the state"s biggest inland beach. The 3,000-foot coast is a famous spot for locals in the summer. It has an altering facilities and also volleyball courts. Alum Creek likewise has a good four-acre dog park, wherein the pups can enjoy a job out play in the water and also running in the fenced area.

Address: 3305 S. Old State Road, Delaware, Ohio

5. Jesse Owens State Park & Wildlife Area


There are countless lakes and ponds at the Jesse Owens State Park and Wildlife Area but it renders the list because of the diversity the lake opportunities accessible in one place. There are lakes through launch ramps because that boats up to 9.9 horsepower and also smaller lakes and also ponds the are ideal for non-motorized watercraft like kayaks and paddleboards.

Since this is a wildlife area, the lakes are an excellent for a work of fishing. Even if it is you are casting a line from the watercraft or the shore over there are healthy populations of big sunfish, bass, channel catfish, and also bluegill.

Address: 4470 E. State course 78, McConnelsville, Ohio

6. Indian Lake


The synthetic Indian Lake in west-central Ohio is a good all-around lake because that water recreation. The lake has actually easy accessibility to watercraft ramps, parking lots, hygiene facilities, and easy-to-find public swimming areas. The lake is popular for boating, water skiing, and also jet skiing. Indian Lake State Park has camping access and 2 public beaches.

The boater-friendly lake has 5 launch ramps and a devoted kayak launch at Moundwood. Old field Beach is the most famous public swim beach, v restrooms and a an altering facility, however Fox Island beach is nice, too. There are two swimming spots because that boaters top top the lake at Walnut Islands and also Oldfield Beach.

Fishing is well-known at Indian Lake through nice populations of largemouth bass, crappie, and channel catfish, and also it is one of the top saugeye fisheries in the state.

Address: 13156 State course 235 N., Lakeview, Ohio

7. Pymatuning Lake

Winter sunset over Pymatuning Lake

Pymatuning Lake in far northeast Ohio ~ above the Ohio/Pennsylvania state line is among the finest lakes come visit in the state. That is Ohio"s biggest inland lake, and also it"s famous with campers and boaters. It is a 14,000-acre reservoir with docks, watercraft launches, amenities, and concessions located approximately the lake.

This is a fantastic fishing lake in Ohio, particularly for walleye. Friend will have to be responsibility of the state heat while fishing Pymatuning Lake and be sure you have a proper fishing license, whether you space fishing from the watercraft or the shore. There is a quite public swim beach close to the causeway with an altering facilities, showers, and also restrooms.

Address: 6100 Pymatuning Lake Road, Andover, Ohio

8. Caesar Creek Lake


The Caesar Creek Lake in southwest Ohio is fantastic both because that the water sporting activities opportunities and also for the landscape about it. There is a big full-service marina and five launch ramps for boats approximately the lake. The marinas are easy stops to choose up snacks, sunscreen, and also necessities because that the day.

Boaters have plenty of an are in the open up lake and also in the coves. There space two designated boat-swim locations near the campground boat ramp and also at the Wellman boat ramp.

Caesar Creek Lake is situated in Waynesville and also within the Caesar Creek State Park. There is a publicly beach easily accessible but additionally many hiking trails if you need a rest from the water.

Anglers looking to target the elusive musky have the right to head to Caesar Creek Lake, where fingerlings have actually been stocked due to the fact that the so late 1990s, making it among the top musky fishing lakes in Ohio.

Address: 8570 E. State path 73, Waynesville, Ohio

9. Burr Oak Lake


If girlfriend are in search of a slightly an ext remote lake for water recreation, Burr Oak Lake is a quite option. That is a 66-acre lake situated in Glouster in the southeast part of the state. That is smaller than several of the various other lakes in Ohio yet it has actually lush woodland surroundings and also it"s a great option for lower-powered boats or kayaks. There is a public beach on the lake v restrooms.

The fishing on Burr Oak Lake is well-known with largemouth base anglers.

The ambience at Burr Oak Lake is a little bit quieter than various other lakes, so girlfriend feel much more connected with the outdoors. Burr Oak State Park has hiking trails and even backpacking trails the pass through the lake.

Address: 10220 Burr Oak Lodge Road, Glouster, Ohio

10. Grand Lake St. Marys


Grand Lake St. Marys has actually a vintage cottage feel to it and also evokes a time when an easy pleasures, prefer floating in an within tube, were the to mark of a summer vacation. You can feel the essence of that nostalgia ~ above the 13,000-acre lake in west Ohio. The is a artificial lake initially designed together a reservoir for the Miami-Erie Cana, and it is among the biggest inland lakes in the state.

Boaters have accessibility to eight start ramps roughly the lake, and kayakers have accessibility to many little coves where they deserve to paddle amongst the lily pads and also observe neighborhood birds and wildlife. There are 4 public swimming beaches around the lake"s 52 miles of shoreline. Over there are additionally several boater swim areas roughly the lake.

Fishing is popular on cool Lake St. Marys, from the stone piers and also channels. There is an ADA-accessible fishing pier at eastern Bank. The state park roughly the lake has actually a number of hiking trails.

Address: 834 Edgewater Drive, St. Marys, Ohio

11. Chippewa Lake

Chippewa Lake in ~ sunset

One of the many beautiful organic lakes in Ohio is Chippewa Lake, situated in the northern component of the state in Medina County. The lake has a significant amount the Ohio history. The was formed by melting ice cream sheets around 14,000 years ago, and it was once populated by indigenous Americans in the state. It was likewise home come the Chippewa Lake Amusement Park the operated for an ext than 100 years and also closed in the 1970s.

Today, Chippewa Lake is enjoyed through boaters and also swimmers trying to find a quiet location to invest a job on the water. The 325-acre lake has actually a watercraft launch close to Westfield Landing Road and a nice sanctuary area because that picnics. The Krabill Lodge near the lake has rooms obtainable to rent transparent the year for vacation getaways.

Address: 7830 Westfield Landing Road, Medina, Ohio

12. Mosquito Creek Lake

Mosquito Creek Lake | Jack Pearce / photograph modified

There are a variety of reasons that Mosquito Creek Lake in northeastern Ohio near Youngstown appeals come outdoor and also water recreation enthusiasts. It is one of the largest lakes in Ohio, with herbal marshes and also forestland surrounding it. The 7,800-acre lake caters to boaters with 5 launch ramps, dock rentals, and also boat rentals available. Over there is also a life coat loaner board close to the State course 305 Corps start ramp.

The public swim beach is a nice location to relax and also take a dip. If you setup on bringing your dog, Mosquito Creek Lake has a good five-acre dog park and designated dog swim area.

The lake is a popular place for anglers and bird-watchers due to the fact that of the varied natural surroundings.

Address: 1439 State route 305, Cortland, Ohio

13. Tappan Lake

Tappan Lake

The sunsets ~ above Tappan Lake in northern Ohio are unforgettable, and so are the family members memories of the tourists who do going come the lake an yearly tradition. The 2,300-acre lake is located in Deersville. It is a pretty lake for boating, water skiing, jet skiing, and tubing. The Tappan Lake Marina has supplies and also snacks, and there space two start ramps at the lake.

Swimming and also fishing space the other well-known pastimes at Tappan Lake. This lake has great public amenities, like concessions, a nature center, and also events the take location throughout the year, particularly in the summer. If you have time, arrangement a hike around the lake on one of the trails and also explore the Tappan Wetlands, i beg your pardon is a an excellent spot for local wildlife viewing.

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Address: 84000 Mallarnee Road, Deersville, Ohio

14. East Fork Lake


The east Fork Lake is about 25 mile from Cincinnati in southwest Ohio and also a fun day ~ above the water. When most people refer to the lake as east Fork Lake as result of its place in the East Fork State Park, it is actually called the wilhelm Harsha Lake.

There are seven launch ramps around the lake because that boaters and plenty that room ~ above the 2,100 acres of water. Girlfriend can additionally find a life jacket loaner board close to the Hand Launch watercraft Ramp.

The public swimming area has a 1,200-foot beach with nearby restrooms, an altering areas, and vending machines. Fishing is popular at the lake because that largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, and bluegill. Throughout the property about the lake, you deserve to find plenty of picnic areas, which make a day close to the water relaxing.