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period toned, black and also white photos probably made in the 1940's as all the other ephemera to be of the time period DATE PUBLISHED: 1862 EDITION: great printed top top dark brown paper. Seller list # 102514

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Title: Arkansas Treasury Warrant (One Dollar, war ...

Publisher: STATE that ARKANSAS

Publication Date: 1862

Binding: file BACK TAN

Brick and mortar keep in Atlantic City. Family business for 49 years and also 5 generations. Visit our internet Page at

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If you have actually questions or would like to request photo of a book via email, please contact us at princetn or 1-800-BKFOUND or 1-800-253-6863 We have actually 40,000 images of old Atlantic City. Examine out our website NJ residents include 7% sales tax. Payment supposed within 7 days. We accept paypal (princetn, Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, check or money order. We have actually only a small portion of our 250,000 title listed. Sunday is the "Lord"s Day" emails sent out ...

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