As a winter storm is supposed to dump snow and ice all follow me the East coast this week and temperatures continue to drop, here are some points you shouldn"t leave in your car:

CellphonesApple advises against storing the iphone or iPad at temperatures below negative-4 degrees, and they shouldn"t be operated at temperatures lower than 32 degrees. There are comparable recommendations for Samsung phones and other electronics. Lithium-ion batteries popular in cellphones room the most breakable component to cold, USA this particular day reports. They deserve to stop functioning in too much cold yet should it is in OK when you get earlier indoors. However, repetitive exposure to subzero temperature can reason problems.

Soda or beerWater broadens when the freezes. And also for canned liquids under pressure, that have the right to mean explosion. The freeze temperature for Coca-Cola is 30 degrees, and also the temperature because that beer that"s 5% alcohol through volume is 27 degrees (higher-alcohol beers freeze at reduced temperatures), together reported.

We placed a bunch of cans of soda in one old station auto in the frigid cold and waited for them come explode. Virtually 24 hrs later...

— Darnay Tripp (

We placed a bunch of cans of soda in an old station car in the frigid cold and waited for them come explode. Nearly 24 hours later...

— Darnay Tripp (
DarnayTripp) January 7, 2017

Musical instrumentsThings contract as soon as they freeze, for this reason this can reason some tools to go out of tune. Much more seriously, "damage deserve to be done once an instrument shrinks together a result of the cold air. If your instrument is made of genuine wood, the cold waiting can reason cracking, which is an extremely expensive to repair. Occasionally they are broken past repair," follow to The real School the Music. If an tool is left in a freezing vehicle for a lengthy period, shot to do it warm up gradually.

EggsEggs shouldn"t be permitted to freeze in their shells; if that happens, litter away any cracked eggs. Keep the un-cracked people frozen, and also move them to the refrigerator before use. "These have the right to be tough cooked successfully, however other uses may be limited. That"s because freezing causes the yolk to become thick and also syrupy therefore it will not circulation like an unfrozen yolk or blend really well v the egg white or other ingredients," according to the U.S. Department of agriculture Food Safety and also Inspection Service.

Canned foodsLetting a deserve to of bean freeze permits for the water come freeze and expand in a similar means to beer and soda. The USDA advises that this can result in a damaged seal, resulting in spoilage. If crate food freezes, permit it come thaw in a refrigerator. "If the product doesn"t look and/or odor normal, litter it out. Carry out NOT TASTE IT! If the seams have actually rusted or burst, throw the cans the end immediately, pack the burst can in plastic and disposing the food wherein no one, including pets can get it," follow to the USDA.

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MedicationIf you"re visiting a pharmacy during the deep freeze, think about that some medications deserve to be impacted by short temperatures. "Drugs prefer insulin have the right to lose their efficiency if lock freeze. The same goes for any kind of so-called suspended medication that has to be shaken before use," follow to a report in The brand-new York Times.

Loved onesThis need to be obvious. Yet it"s precious noting the children and also elderly civilization can be much more susceptible come hypothermia at cold temperatures, through symptoms such together shivering, confusion and also exhaustion, follow to the Centers for condition Control and also Prevention. Therefore even minimal amounts of time in an unheated car could be dangerous. The exact same goes because that pets.

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