The main difference in between Athens and Sparta is the Athens was a kind of democracy, whereas Sparta was a kind of oligarchy.

Athens and also Sparta space two influential Greek competitor city-states. Despite these are not really far away from each other, over there are countless differences between these two states. Athens was the centre for arts, learning and also philosophy if Sparta was a warrior state. Moreover, Athens’ economy was mainly based on trade, whereas Sparta’s economy was based on farming and conquering. 

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1. What is Athens – Society, Governance, Athenians2. What is Sparta – Society, Governance, Spartans3. What space the Similarities in between Athens and also Sparta – synopsis of common Features4. What is the Difference between Athens and also Sparta – to compare of an essential Differences

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Athens, Athenians, Sparta, Spartans


What is Athens

Athens was one of the largest and most influential city-states the Greece. The city obtained its surname after Athena, the Goddess that warfare and wisdom. The Parthenon, the temple built for Athena, sit on optimal of a hill in the center of the city. In fact, this is just one of the world’s oldest cities, through a recorded background covering end 3,400 years.

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Figure 1: The Parthenon

Ancient Athens to be the centre for the arts, philosophy, and also learning. Thus, historians regularly refer it to together the cradle of western civilization. The is likewise the home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum. Historians think about Athens to it is in the birthplace of democracy. Old Athenians supplied a system of administration where anyone (excluding women, slaves and also those no born to Athenian parents) can vote on important concerns like whether to take component in war or not. Also, there existed a lottery system to elect all public officials. The city the Athens got to its golden era under the management of Pericles (461 come 429 BC). So, this is likewise called the age of Pericles.


Figure 2: Map of ancient Athens

The Agora, which was a big open area for meetings, to be the center of commerce and government in Athens. It was the ar where civilization got with each other to discuss philosophy and also politics. The famous Acropolis is also located in the middle of the city of Athens. It was built as a fortress where human being could retreat to as soon as the city is attacked. Later, many temples and buildings were additionally built there. 

What is Sparta?

Sparta is also a major city-state in old Greece. The city-state to be actually recognized as Lacedaemon, if the name Sparta itself described the key settlement ~ above the banks of the Eurotas river in Laconia, in south-eastern Peloponnese. However, today, we usage the name Sparta to describe the city-state. Sparta was a warrior society; society was mainly based upon loyalty come the state and military power. In fact, Sparta to be a leading pressure of the Greek military during the Greco-Persian Wars.


Figure 3: old Ruins in Sparta

From a really young age, boys gone into a rigorous state-sponsored education, military training and socialization program known as the Agoge. They got rigorous training for numerous years till they reach the age of 20 to become a full-fledged warrior and also a citizens of the state. In addition, manual labour in the city was every done by slaves, enabling Spartan men more time to communicate in armed forces pursuits. Spartan females were not energetic in the military, but they were educated and also taught sporting activities to make them physical fit. Moreover, Spartan females had an ext rights and freedom compared to females in various other Greek states.


Figure 4: Spartan administer System

Sparta got to the elevation of its power after beating Athens in the Peloponnesian battle in 404 BC. However, Sparta’s decrease began a couple of decades later, after ~ a defeat against the Thebans in ~ the battle of Leuctra.

Similarities in between Athens and Sparta

Athens and also Sparta room two influential Greek city-states in timeless antiquity.Both claims used many slaves. In fact, that is stated that every state had around a hundreds thousand salves.These two says had an effective military forces.Both states had their own federal government system that had ensured the welfare of their citizens.Athens and Sparta possessed stable economies when contrasted to various other regions.

Difference in between Athens and also Sparta


Athens is the Greek city-state the is considered to be the cradle the civilization and also the house to democracy. Sparta, ~ above the various other hand, to be a prominent city-state in greek that climbed to become the leading military land-power in the region.

Type the Society

Athens was a center of arts, learning and also philosophy, vice versa, Sparta was a warrior society.


Athens had a form of democracy wherein every cost-free Athenian male over 18 years old was thought about citizens if Sparta had an oligarchic government.


While Athens’ economic situation was mainly based upon trade, Sparta’s economy was based on farming and conquering.

Military Prowess

Moreover, Athens had a powerful navy, vice versa, Sparta had a powerful land-army.


Spartan ladies had much more status and freedom 보다 Athenian women. Spartan women were educated and could own and manage property, uneven Athenian women.

Education and also Training

In Athens, boys received a well-rounded education, but girls were only taught family chores. In Sparta, both boys and girls received physical maintain to continue to be fit. Spartan boys received a army education and also training for many years.


Athens and also Sparta are two influential Greek rival city-states. Though these room not really far away from each other, over there are many differences between these two states. The key difference in between Athens and also Sparta is your government, economy, and also society. Athenian society, i m sorry was based on trade, valued art and society and was ruled under a kind of democracy. Spartan society, on the other hand, was a militant culture whose economy was based on farming and conquering.

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