TitleComposerInstrumentationKeyRangeTime signatureTempoPerformance timeDifficulty levelDownload printable scoreCategories
Au clair de la lune
Traditional French
Flute and also Piano
A major
100 BPM
PDF sheet Music (44 kB) (preview)

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2.1 (above average)

This is a straightforward folk song dating earlier to the eighteenth century. The author is unknown. The melody is frequently taught to beginner student of assorted instruments, as it provides an easy method for student to become comfortable with how notes space played.

So right here is our variation of the song. The fact that it is in A major (3 sharps) have to pose no problem, together you will only have to play 3 notes, namely A, B and C#.

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What you could like to shot next is mentally transposing the tune to other keys. It"s actually really simple: girlfriend just have actually to figure out what the very first three notes of a given vital are, and also use them come play the melody.