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Choose her currencies

Click ~ above the dropdown to choose JMD in the an initial dropdown together the currency that you desire to convert and USD in the second drop down as the currency you want to convert to.

That’s it

Our currency converter will display you the present JMD to USD rate and also how it’s readjusted over the past day, mainly or month.

Banks often advertise totally free or low-cost transfers, but include a covert markup come the exchange rate. Tasiilaq.net gives you the real, mid-market, exchange rate, therefore you have the right to make vast savings top top your worldwide money transfers.


Conversion prices Jamaican disagreement / united state Dollar
1 JMD0.00675 USD
5 JMD0.03374 USD
10 JMD0.06748 USD
20 JMD0.13497 USD
50 JMD0.33742 USD
100 JMD0.67483 USD
250 JMD1.68708 USD
500 JMD3.37416 USD
1000 JMD6.74832 USD
2000 JMD13.49664 USD
5000 JMD33.74160 USD
10000 JMD67.48320 USD

Top currencies

EUREuroGBPBritish lb Sterling USDUS DollarINRIndian RupeeCADCanadian DollarAUDAustralian DollarCHFSwiss FrancMXNMexican Peso1EUREuro1GBPBritish pound Sterling1USDUS Dollar1INRIndian Rupee

Beware of poor exchange rates.

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Banks and traditional providers frequently have extra costs, i m sorry they happen to friend by marking up the exchange rate. Our clever tech method we’re much more efficient – which means you acquire a an excellent rate. Every time.