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Trying to obtain your range level up have the right to be slow-moving sometimes.

Thankfully we have actually cannons that deserve to really give us that lot needed extra boost in experience.

Cannons can be supplied once the quest “Dwarf Cannon” has actually been completed, after i m sorry you deserve to purchase one for 750k – or cheaper ~ above the GE if you’re no an ironman.

However, utilizing a cannon is expensive. And nobody desires to waste their money ~ above cannonballs.

So where have to you cannon? this is my favourite spots girlfriend can inspect out to usage a cannon successfully for maximum experience.

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5. Hill Giants (Zeah)


This area is how amazing unknown, however I think it to be one of the best locations to set up your cannon for some genuine XP gains.

There are about 6-7 Hill Giants near the Shayzien Graveyard on Zeah. And also the area has plenty of safe spot areas.

This method if she a pure, you have the right to setup your cannon and avoid all damage.

There are additionally a variety of services to making use of a cannon top top Hill Giants. First, you have actually a possibility at obtaining Giants Keys, i m sorry you deserve to use come fight Obor pretty lot whenever friend want.

Second, you have a possibility at gaining a huge Champion Scroll, i m sorry is a an extremely rare drop.

And third, Hill Giants have quite short defense – meaning on typical your cannonballs room going to hit an ext often 보다 not.

Be certain to check out this spot while it’s still relatively undiscovered.

4. Absent Crabs (Rellekka)


Unlike the ahead spot, absent Crabs space well recorded as being a an extremely popular clues to usage your cannon.

Especially at lower variety levels of around 1-40.

On the northern beaches that Rellekka you’ll uncover dozens of absent Crabs which have actually a high hitpoint level, and also low defense.

So these are the ideal for low level characters to train on.

If you desire to maximize your experience, I would recommend combine a cannon v knives. All the XP you acquire should go up considerably there.

Your only struggle will be recognize an open up world.

Some players could get offended if friend crash them v your cannon.

3. Scabarites (Sophanem Dungeon)


I personally love this option, as Scabarites can actually be consistently lucrative to cannon – unlike most of the various other entries top top this list.

This is since many of lock drop rune items and other stack items, like provided addy ore and also blood runes reasonably often.

I recommend taking high alch runes to take advantage of any rune drops.

The only downside is you’ll must at least start the quest “Contact”, which is a fairy high level grasp quest.

You’ll additionally want part prayer potions and some high heal food if you plan to critical in this area, because it’s a multi-combat area and all of the enemies will be on friend constantly.

I would additionally advise attract melee gear here. Just to minimization potential damage and also pray versus missiles.

2. Castle wars Ogres


Now this is another an extremely popular spot, especially amongst pures.

This is actually so well-known that the often daunting to find an open civilization at the Castle battles Ogres not inhabited by a pure already!

Why is it so popular?

Because you can use the low wall near the ogres to safe spot, if the cannon hits all of the ogres in the area. This offers some decent experience, and there’s also the off possibility you may gain some Ranarr seed – i m sorry will conserve you some money ~ above the grind.

The fastest means to acquire to this area is by teleporting to castle Wars and also running east towards Yanille. Conversely you have the right to run west native the Yanille home portal.

1. Lighthouse Dagannoths


I really like this spot because that cannons, due to the fact that it’s straightforward to gain to (by fairy ring) and has accurate dozens that Dagannoths in a multi-combat area.

With some decent melee equipment you also won’t take also much damages here. And can constantly bring part food, such together monkfish, to critical your whole trip.

Alternatively if you bring a Guthan’s set, you have the right to camp below as lengthy as girlfriend like.

Because with that set, you’ll have the ability to out-heal the Dagannoths consistently.

You won’t have the ability to safe spot these favor some of the other alternatives mentioned earlier. But the endure you can acquire here is simply crazy high.

And if you control to obtain a Dagannoth Slayer task, the experience will be also higher!

Expect come use virtually 1000 cannonballs one hour here, though.

Your cannon will be firing non-stop!

Dagannoths will additionally on occasion drop part decent loot, such together high level seeds like Snapdragon and also Torstol seeds.

You may additionally get tool clue scrolls fairly often, which space a pretty treat.

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The only prerequisite to go into this area is that you’ll require to complete “Horror indigenous the Deep”, which is an intermediate level quest.