Although it"s been formerly done, few spots have the same impact as the ring collapse clues that occurred in tonight"s world Heavyweight Championship match between Mark Henry and huge Show.

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For those that missed the show, this incarnation was lot like the ahead one between Brock Lesnar and huge Show ~ above the June 12, 2003 edition of SmackDown.

At Vengeance, large Show climbed come the 2nd rope, where note Henry met him with a punch. Henry climate climbed come the 2nd rope and also hit a superplex, which fell down the ring entirely.

The real story, though, was not the spot itself but the aftermath of the bout that finished in a no contest. Big Show, too large for a stretcher, was taken away by a mini-cart if Henry was helped up through WWE officials before collapsing again.

Then, in an plot that might turn the edge on the whole SmackDown brand, Henry increased to his feet, shoved away any assist and walked come the earlier on his own power; proclaiming the he did not require the assist and he was the champion.

Granted, one could say this was simply Henry play up the mean persona we have actually seen over this past few months. Shoving officials out of the method and boasting your championship status does not necessarily do him a an excellent guy.

On the other hand, these varieties of borderline heroic acts usually lead to raised fan respect and likewise a confront turn. The crowd predictably applauded Henry’s effort and capacity to to walk on his power.

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Was Henry’s heroic act purposely done by the WWE to begin a route towards a note Henry confront turn? i cannot say because that sure, yet I really hope not.

At this moment, I would certainly be an extremely against a Henry challenge turn. No only has actually SmackDown ratings ~ above SyFy been stellar because Henry’s climb to the top yet it has actually been fairly awhile due to the fact that a heel like Henry feel fresh.

While we have seen the monster heel done many times end the past couple of years, it has actually seemingly been the very same people, especially on SmackDown. We have been with the Kane and big Show leading months.

Henry, though, is something different. His story is unique in the he literally to be a wrestler waiting 15 year to get any measure of respect. Additionally, Henry has a look that cannot it is in replicated; his facials room off the charts and also give the image of a crazed maniac that could and also will break you in half.

WWE has done together a good job, in mine mind, structure Henry because that sustained long-term success as a heel. Henry"s hall of pains gimmick has actually taken out countless stars that can gradually work their method back right into regular action seeking revenge versus Henry.

SmackDown has actually a variety of potential feuds. While we have actually seen Henry vs. Randy Orton plenty of times, i still feel there is life. In addition, we have barely scratched the surface ar of a potential Henry vs. Sheamus feud.

Maybe it is selfish that me as an older fan who on regular basis finds the heels an ext interesting but I carry out not want to check out Henry back to the smiling babyface of his past. That was that on and also off for 15 years and also frankly he was not interesting in the least.

Today, extra thousands the town hall SmackDown on a weekly basis (yours truly included) view something different and interesting in Henry.

Do no take the away from us simply yet.

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