Many civilization own pets, yet not many are lucky sufficient to very own a beautiful pets bird.

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If you are one of these happy people, and also are searching for bird names because that girls because that your new flying friend, then look no more than our list.

We have actually over 150 funny, famous and also fascinating bird names!

Our ideas cover all varieties of pet birds, indigenous chickens, to budgies and also parrots, and even include some because that birds the you can’t own as pets, but can take incentive from.

This perform is inspired by a variety of things, such as renowned birds, words connected with bird in different languages and also funny animal puns.

These selections will work for any type of bird species, appearance and personality.

Make certain you obtain to understand everything around your brilliant hen before you start searching for monikers, together things choose her appearance deserve to influence the title you eventually choose.

Best 100 Bird Names for Girls

Bird Names for Girls
AngelDame Judi FinchKissPolly Parton
AquilaDodiLady KluckRosella
BonitaFifiMa MeggShirley McLoon
CarlaGabbleMeryl CheepSweetpea
CeciliaGigglesMommaThe Dove
CelandineHalcyoneMother GooseTori
ChatterboxHelen HenryMuffinTweetie Pie
Cheep and CheerfulHenriettaNuggetValentine
Chicken JaneIsabelPalomaVictoria
ChickpeaJenniferParrot HiltonWillow
Clara CluckJulietPippoZwazo


Bird Names for Girls v Meanings

Agret – from ‘Leafie, A Hen into the Wild’Alice – one of the two Canadian Geese indigenous ‘Rio’Alouette – made well known by the French song, meaning ‘skylark’Amy – ~ the sparrow from ‘Willy the Sparrow’Angel – because that the most well-behaved bird!Annabelle – among the three flamingos indigenous ’64 Zoo Lane’Aquila – an old Roman word meaning ‘eagle’Ava – derived from the Latin word ‘avis’, an interpretation ‘bird’Aya – a Hebrew bird name definition ‘bird’Baby – for the sweetest small hen!Beatrice – after ~ the bluebird indigenous the TV collection ‘Over the Garden Wall’Becky – the loon indigenous ‘Finding Dory’Betty – the mommy from ‘War of the Birds’Billina – the chicken from the kids books ‘Land that Oz’ through L. Frank BaumBirda – sounds prefer ‘Berta’, yet is concerned birds!Birdie – one adorable selection for a small henBonita – the flamboyant flamingo native the kids TV collection ‘Noddy’Caco – the parrot indigenous the Brazilian children puppet present ‘Cocorico’Calandra – a Greek word given to a larkCamilla – Gonzo’s love from ‘The Muppet Show’Camilla – the chicken from ‘The Muppets’Carla – native ‘Rio 2’Carrie – after the cockatoo indigenous ‘64 Zoo Lane’Casey – the very first name the ‘Casey Colonel’, the distribution stork indigenous ‘Cabbage spot Kids: first Christmas’Cassandra – the crane from the children TV present ‘64 Zoo Lane’Cecilia – the little chicken indigenous ‘Calimero’Celandine – a Greek word meaning ‘swallow’Cheep and also Cheerful – a funny selection after the speak ‘cheap and also cheerful’Cheryl – after among two pair toucans native ‘Brandy and Mr. Whiskers’Chica – the puppet chicken indigenous ‘The clear Side increase Show’Chicken Jane – the chicken indigenous the American children’s TV showChickpea – an adorable title for a baby chick!Chiquitweeter – a hilarious pun on the renowned ABBA tune ‘Chiquitita’Circe – obtained from the Greek indigenous ‘kirke’, an interpretation ‘bird’Clara Cluck – the dancing character from Disney cartoonsDame Judi Finch – a pun on brothers actress ‘Dame Judi Dench’Dec – a funny an option for a hen if combine with an additional called ‘Ant’Deryn – a Welsh word meaning ‘bird’Dodi – the dodo from some of the McDonald’s Happy meal advertsDolores – among the 3 parrots in the ‘Tropicana’ commercialsDrora – ‘sparrow’ in HebrewEinin – a cute irish option definition ‘little bird’Elsa – the mommy of ‘Valiant’ native the filmElspeth – after among the two ravens from ‘The eye Queen’s Revenge’Eva – indigenous the animated film ‘Rio’Evelyn – a beautiful ireland word meaning ‘beautiful bird’Faigel – a Yiddish bird name definition ‘bird’Feather – ~ the beautiful feathers uncovered on a birdFelicia – the hummingbird indigenous ‘Animal Stories’Fifi – the big goose from ‘Shrek Forever After’Flappy – the renowned online video game ‘Flappy Bird’Flit – the hummingbird from Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’Flutter – the purple hummingbird native ‘Hungry Babies Mania’Gabriela – the cook red hummingbird indigenous ‘Danger Rangers’Gale – the violet-backed starling native the video clip game ‘Angry birds Stella’Gannet – an additional version that ‘Janet’, also definition ‘Goose’Giggles – for a bird with a feeling of humour!Gussie – ~ the goose indigenous ‘Charlotte’s Web’Halcyone – a Greek word an interpretation ‘kingfisher’Harriet – after the pelican from ‘Timmy Time’Hatta Mari – the mrs pigeon native ‘Plane Daffy’Helen Henry – from ‘Cuck E. Cheese’s’Henrietta – the woman raven native ‘The eye Queen’Ibon – an interpretation ‘bird’ in FilipinoIsabel – one more of the three flamingos native ‘64 Zoo Lane’Jemima – a Hebrew word meaning ‘little dove’Jennifer – the pink pigeon indigenous ‘The Wild’Jessica – the penguin indigenous ‘Oggy and also the Cockroaches’Jet – for a mrs bird that paris at the rate of light!Jules – the commentating parrot from the Flemish TV display ‘Schipper naast Mathilde’Kiss – the crow from ‘Toriko’Kyrie – the canary indigenous the ‘My little Pony’ franchiseLady Kluck – Maid Marian’s lady-in-waiting native ‘Robin Hood’Laraline – a stunning bird name meaning ‘seagull’ in LatinLibia – the pigeon from ‘Plumiferos’Lilica – among the trio of chickens from ‘Cocorico’Lilly – the reed warbler indigenous the animated series ‘Rupert’Lintu – definition ‘bird’ in FinnishLoa – after ~ an icelandic birdLola – one more of the trio of chickens from ‘Cocorico’Lucille – the flamingo indigenous ‘El Americano: The Movie’Lucy – the eye goose native ‘Hungry Babies Mania’Luscinia – the beautiful surname of a nightingaleLuyu – a indigenous American title meaning ‘wild dove’Ma Megg – Chuck’s pet chicken native ‘Cuck Billy ‘n’ Folks’Margalo – the canary native ‘Stuart Little’Margaret – the robin indigenous the American animated sitcom ‘Regular Show’Marguerita – another of the three parrots from the ‘Tropicana’ commercialsMatilda – the patience hen indigenous the ‘Angry Birds’ seriesMeryl – the other fifty percent of the collection of twin toucans from ‘Brandy and also Mr. Whiskers’Meryl Cheep – a bird pun ~ above American actress ‘Meryl Streep’Mimi – after ~ Jewel’s aunt indigenous ‘Rio 2’Minnie – perfect for a tiny and adorable mrs birdMirabelle – the final of the 3 flamingos from ‘64 Zoo Lane’Mithu – the parakeet in ‘Meena’Momma – after Nestor’s mother from ‘Scaredy Squirrel’Mother Goose – the famous goose indigenous the ‘Mother Goose and also Grimm’ storiesMuffin – the pink lovebird native ‘3rd & Bird’Nicole – the wife of Ernie from the cartoon ‘Family Guy’Nugget – a hilarious surname for a mrs bird!Olivia – the swan from ‘Animals’Ono – the egret indigenous ‘The Lion Guard’Oona – the female pufflin indigenous the children TV collection ‘Puffin Rock’Opus – the an excellent auk indigenous the newspaper comic ‘Bloom Country’Paloma – a beautiful Spanish word an interpretation ‘dove’Parrot Hilton – a pun ~ above American personality ‘Paris Hilton’Pauline – after ~ ‘Pauline the Pelican’ native ‘64 Zoo Lane’Penny – the flamingo from the children’s publications ‘George and Martha’ through James MarshallPerta – the canary indigenous ‘Birdy’ by wilhelm WhartonPetula – the parrot indigenous ’64 Zoo Lane’Philomena – the pet phoenix belonging come ‘Princess Celestia’ in ‘My little Pony: Friendship is Magic’Pinky – the sassy flamingo from the hilarious film ‘The Penguins that Madagascar’Pipo – a cute mrs bird name, after ~ the hummingbird native ‘Plumiferos’Polly – the amazon parrot belonging come ‘Shipwreck’ in ‘G.I. Joe’Polly Parton – a parrot-related pun on nation singer ‘Dolly Parton’Rainbow – perfect because that a bird with colourful plumes!Raven – a bold and mysterious bird nameRhea – the name of the big bird, concerned the OstrichRio – after the bird indigenous the man filmRosella – a varieties of Australian parrot which provides a stunning choice!Rosita – after the last parrot indigenous the ‘Tropicana’ commercialsRuby – the crow indigenous ‘Marmotte! Lollipop’Sandy – the seagull native ‘Marco Polo Junior matches the Red Dragon’Sassy – for a bird that is bursting with sass and also personality!Sephora – the Hebrew word for ‘bird’Serena – the canary native ‘Miss Julie’ by august StrindbergShirley McLoon – the loon native ‘Tiny Toon Adventures’Siren – a funny name for a mrs bird who makes deafening soundsSnowflake – the swan native ‘Hungry Babies Mania’Stella – the mrs galah native ‘Angry Birds’Stella – the female goose indigenous ‘Balto III: wings Of Charge’Sue – the songbird from ‘Tasty Time with ZeFronk’Sunny – the chick native ‘Line’Suzume – a Japanese word definition ‘sparrow’Sweetpea – the parakeet indigenous ‘Secret Life the Pets’Tallulah – the hen and friend of Maisy native ‘Maisy Mouse’Teal – the beautiful color of numerous ducksThe Dove – the female dove indigenous ‘War the the Birds’Tori – a Japanese word an interpretation ‘bird’Tweetie Pie – a cute and funny surname for a female bird!Tweety – the canary indigenous ’Looney Tunes’ and ‘Merrie Melodies’Usoa – definition ‘dove’ in the Basque languageValentine – among the three ‘Macaw Sisters’ native ‘Love Birds’Vega – an Arabic word definition ‘swooping eagle’Vera – after an additional of the 3 ‘Macaw Sisters’ native ‘Love Birds’Veronica – after ~ the last of the three ‘Macaw Sisters’ from ‘Love Birds’ the musicalVictoria – after Valiant’s love interest from the movie ‘Valiant’Vogel – an interpretation ‘bird’ in DutchWillow – the blue-black grosbeak from ‘Angry bird Stella’Winnie – after ~ ‘Winnie Woodpecker’ native the ‘Woody Woodpecker’ cartoonsYonina – the female form of ‘Jonah’, meaning ‘dove’Zippora – a cool location from the Hebrew indigenous ‘Tziporah’, definition ‘bird’Ziz – after a large bird native Jewish mythologyZog – a cool word meaning ‘bird’ in AlbanianZwazo – a funky title definition ‘bird’ in Haitian Creole



We expect this list has really influenced you in your search to discover that perfect name for your brand-new pet hen.

Finding a name for a new female bird have the right to be difficult so we hope this has made recognize a unique and also special title an ext enjoyable and fun!

Whether it to be the funny Chiquitweeter, the fascinating ‘Halcyone’ or the famous ‘Lady Kluck’ that ruffled your feathers, us hope that suits your beautiful bird perfectly.

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Make sure you usage this list together a springboard for female bird names and also if you have actually any much more suggestions for an excellent options, please leaving them in the comments below.