The snake is a wild beast associated with situations that are alarming and dangerous. However, that isn’t always the interpretation though it may be the easiest one.The interpretation of a black and white snake depends on many factors, the snake’s actions, our reactions to the snakes, and the meanings we associate with the colors black and white.The black snake in dreams usually represents the dark and ominous parts of our thought, this same thought that causes our spiral into the world of depression, anxiety. It may also represent the impending doom that we may face.This doom can result from a past action or an action that we are yet to take.The black snake may signify a bad relationship in our lives, the darkness this relationship brings along with it, but it could also be a financial warning. Be cautious of your finances and the people around you.A white snake in a dream, however, represents a good sign. But what it means when both the color are in one snake? i.e., what does it mean when you see a black and white snake?Without further ado, let’s talk about the interpretation.

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1. A Rebirth, a renewal of oneself, a transformation

Snakes shed their skin to reveal newer, shinier skin underneath. A dream showcasing the shedding of a black snake’s skin to reveal a white snake underneath implies that we need to leave behind values, relationships, attitudes.We need to forgo the past and everything that was hindering our progress. To achieve this transformation, we need to shed our inhibitions to reach a stage of self-enlightenment and heal ourselves.The black snake represents our shortcomings, our inhibitions, our anxiety, everything that is dissuading us from our transformation into a white ‘pure,’ ‘different,’ ‘a better version’ snake.This dream seeks to help us introspect, flush out everything that holds us back and transform into a version that is deemed worthy and beautiful in our eyes and the eyes of the world.And just as the snake leaves behind its old self to begin a new journey, we need to leave behind our old selves and start afresh.

2. The Importance of striking a balance between two opposite forces

These evolved lizards, when making an appearance together in a dream, also denote duality. Duality is best explained with the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang. In essence, Yin and yan mean sets of two opposing and complementing principles observed in nature. Though at complete odds, two opposite forces’ coexistence comes together to exist as one whole entity.Forces opposite in nature rely on each other to survive. Examples of Yin and yan are; male and female, the sun and the moon, cold and hot, the list is endless. The balance between Yin and yan is crucial; if Yin is stronger, yang will be weaker, and vice versa.The white snakes represent goodness, purity, positive attributes, and the black snake represents the negative attributes like selfishness, greed, dominance, and the list for both continues.The dream implies that a balance between good and bad needs to be struck for an individual’s healthy growth. One cannot be entirely good or diabolically evil. An example of this would be downright selfless without any regard for one’s own wants.This would only serve to be a means to degrade oneself and one’s esteem. A state of equilibrium between the two opposing ideas of good and bad must be maintained; selfishness needs to be a trait a person possesses to prevent people from walking all over.

3. Our Repressed Sexual desires

A dream of a Black and white snake coiled together represents the need to fulfill our sexual desires, represents the need to be sexually satisfied, and quench our repressed sexual urges with our partner’s help.

4. Junction of Cross-roads:

Another representation of these two snakes together may be evidence of our inability to may a decision. We are at crossroads as to the decision that we need to take.It resembles a period of uncertainty, self-questioning, and unpredictability. It also makes us mindful of the requirement of a decision.

5. The abilities that we were once clueless about:

A dream about the death of a white snake at the hands of the black snake and vice versa signals our increasing inner strength and awakening potential. The dead snake represents the pestering challenges that you finally overcame.The victorious snake is a sign of our abilities that were once dormant but have now erupted and made us a stronger, newer, and better person.

6. Signaling the Presence of a pretentious person:

A dream of a white and black snake, the white snake representing a terrifying entity, means a sheep in wolf’s clothing is present in your midst. This white snake appearing to be docile and helpful has ulterior motives, and his self-interest trumps your own interest.This person who gained your trust by sinking his claws around your life does not have your best interests at heart and seeks to see you fail. At this point, it is important to pay heed to the warnings that your family and trusted friends have been giving you; they represent the black snake. Even though their words and actions may not please you then, it is your heart and being they wish to protect

7. Innermost Thoughts of a person:

A dream of a white and black pair of these scaly reptiles would also point towards our thoughts and our mind.With the darker reptile being the unconscious mind filled with all our suppressed desires, emotions, and feelings, and the lighter reptile a paragon of the conscious mind where we strive to align our values and thoughts with that of the world fear of being excluded from society.These unconscious thoughts, which are often bottled up, do not come to light because it would result in shaming from society if it did.However, these thoughts do surface at times, especially when the mind is overburdened in what we call a ‘slip of the tongue.’ (Freudian slip, like some psychologists would call it).

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Dreaming about a snake is usually an indicator that you need to pay attention to something important that you perhaps have avoided or have escaped your awareness until now. Snakes can often reflect a situation that is currently ongoing. Dreaming of a snake, whether a white one or a black one, opens our eyes to the situations that we were previously blind to.It desires to tell us that perhaps it is time to face reality and stop dilly-dallying in our candy-filled imaginary worlds. These dreams serve as a reminder that we need to appreciate the good in our lives and strive to become better versions of ourselves. By cautioning us about the bad in our lives, we can rectify this bad source and improve ourselves and the life we lead.