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Take meHigher, higher, babyCan you feeling it?? (feel it, feeling it, feeling it)Do you feel the very same weed high that ns feel??Cuz I'm so high (reefer provides you feel the way)And I emotion so rightRoll (roll), let's smoke, I acquired to get highI to be high due to the fact that the last song (off that la, la, la, la, la, la, la)And I simply been smokin' and smokin'Smoke one more blunt, roll another upYou know that weed deserve to really ease your mindEvery time i smoke good reefer that indo high makes me flyIf everyboby smoked a blunt, relax the mind, the world couldBe a much better placeIf everybody took a break and we all just gained wastedToked out (out, out out), smoked the end (out, out, out)Choked out (out, out, out), pull another O (out, out, out)Let's gain P-O-D-ded (P-O-D-ded, P-O-D-ded)The weed can't obtain no much better (no far better baby)20 dollar hollars, every day, everydayCome roughly my way, you gone want to stayWeed renders me hungry, happy, and all I have the right to saySure I need some moreDon't make we wait, continue to be awake, fake sleepGot the weed between the sheetsCatch me, mar J. Blessed meOpen increase the dime, stimulate her mind, on slide my thumb up the bluntOpen up and also what you'll find in over there (you don't yes, really want)I never been in High times (I never been in High Yimes)I never remained in High TimesBut can you phone call me the I've been so high every my lifeAm i high enough (am i high enough)Am ns high enough (am i high enough)
I remember being a small thugWeed, really didn't know what that wasThen ns took a puff and I realizedI should always, remain highThe weed (the weed), renders me feeling alright (alright)If friend feel like I feel, i got half on yo dimeIf you obtained weed exhilaration it, I'm a real weed smokerIf it's mine then ns wouldSince the yours girlfriend could, friend shouldIf i ain't there once you blaze a dull nigga huh, you re welcome think of meCuz you know I nigga like to obtain high (high), high and freeSmokin' all night, feelin' all rightBone Thugs acquire high, so highHigh, high, all night, high, highSo highOh my, oh my, five my, five my mine my myI understand you wonder why I execute it. Love the skyAnd ns soar up so highThis mornin' I was in my bedBangin' and ringin' inside my headI wanted to make love to you baby, but last night I acquired P-O-Ded insteadSo you re welcome don't go away, that's every I acquired to sayIs ns gotta have you mary jSuch a heavenly feelin' I acquire when I'm acquisition fat ass blunts come the brainOh darlin' I'm goin insane, and also I really wish us canKick that at residence in America, like it was on in AmsterdamYou heard enough, friend heard the all, nothin' however a, a really thug niggaNothin' less than a killa, I'm the end in front makin' my scrillaI'm happy to understand , the slide is the ball, and kick as strong as meYou rippin' the bong favor me, can't hit it as lengthy as me

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And once I need to free my mindI have the right to find, satisfaction in a bag the weedEverything i need, leave it come the treesIt can make me feeling better, and every day i wakeNiggas rollin' up blunts, and mo blunts, and also mo bluntsAnd I store a situation of Swisher Sweets in the trunkSo as soon as I'm rollin', smokin', chokin', just floatin'Through the city in my drop topGlock cocked, rollin', simply rollin'Me and mary janeIts mine world, its my thangThe means she penetrates my brainBuddah, done blessed me through gameGood game, you wanna chop that upWe have the right to kick it, acting a fat to the domeNigga put high, thugged out, smokin', all, night, longThe weed can't acquire no far better (no better baby)The weed can't gain no better (no far better baby)The weed can't acquire no far better (no far better baby)The weed can't obtain no much better (no far better baby)